Meditation: awareness and the senses

You are awareness. That is the fundamental nature and essence of being of you and me and everyone we know. That is so of animals and maybe plants; it is so of Mother Earth, this planet. But, we humans are more often unaware than aware, and this displays most obviously with our senses.

Right now as you are reading, there are myriad other things in your visual field. To what extent are you aware of them? Right now as you are reading, and your sense of touch is experiencing standing or sitting, the in and out of breath, the breeze or the texture of your clothes. Are you aware of them while you are reading? During reading, smells are in the air, sounds are everywhere, and there is a taste to the atmosphere that has nothing to do with your mouth. Are you aware of these? And are you aware of them all as they are happening in their simultaneous plethora each moment?

Probably not; we humans are checked-out most of the time. We are in a constant state of distraction and don’t know that, don’t recognize distraction in its ongoing manner.

Please use this podcast as an experiment. Have fun discovering!

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