Meditation: uncontrived

Moment by moment, right? Yes.

No matter what one is doing, one is living moment by moment. Eating, drinking, talking with friends, creating, researching, or watching something from a park bench or on some platform, moments are streaming through our senses, perceptions, and consciousness. What is interesting to consider is that each moment is going through a pre-set filter system – at least unless one is a highly realized yogi/yogini. This is one reason why moments flow together so seamlessly into time, habits, group consensus of up/down, spicy/salty/sweet, inside/outside, and such.

However, calling one’s self to be present in the present is an invitation to this moment – unadorned by the habits of consciousness, by the social norms, by the memories of the past, or by the preferences that generally guide us through each day.

The present is uncontrived unto itself. Meditation mindfulness – on and off the cushion – help us recognize the contrivances that we put upon any thing, event, or person so that we can learn to unlearn the habits of lifetimes and social imputations.

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