Meditation: a living mandala

OM AH HUM are symbols. What they indicate is vast.

  • white OM: the creative process (all creative processes), integration and embodiment, to intend and to follow through, all of manifestation
  • red AH: passion, excitement, attachment, aversion, the magnetic pull of anything or anyone, inspiration, motivation, admiration, ideas, images, or anything that interacts with the senses (positive/alluring or distasteful), and the ultimate voidness of it all
  • blue HUM: all that is universal like breathing, the needs of all beings, the unstoppable power of goodness and wisdom, the depth of being

Each moment is a mandala expressing. These primary factors display in myriad ways. May we all notice the usually noticed. May all beings awaken.

graphic: Magic Portal by lilya on DeviantArt

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2 Responses to Meditation: a living mandala

  1. I love “each moment is a Mandala expressing.”
    And also that we are all part of the same Mandala.
    Thank you, Donna. A beautiful meditation. I am smiling!

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