Meditation: heart 1, universal

There are two human centers (chakras) that are universally oriented: the heart center and crown center. The heart is universal always; the crown unfolds. One could question if the heart opens incrementally also? What we experience which seems to be the heart unfolding such as expanding, more impartial empathy awakening with us, or increase of genuine ease or calm result due to the solar plexus, its psychological states and personal focus as well as the sacral center, its psychological states and person focuses are decreasing, being tamed, dissolving or eroding.

Look out a window right now for an analogy. Our attention is drawn to the items outside the window: the trees or people, birds or other animals, the cars and movement in general. The vastness and impartiality of the sky is not where our attention is immediately drawn. The former is indicative of the forefront functioning of the solar plexus and sacral centers; the latter represents the already present, fully accessible heart center.

Let’s meditate.

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