Meditation: White OM 3

Considerations of the crown chakra that might not be common:

  • The crown center is usually associated with higher will or willed intentions; but whose will? The will is one’s own. The will represented by the crown center does not come from someone or somewhere other than one’s own being. Yet, if a person is unfamiliar with the breadth and depth of one’s being, with its scope of possibilities, or with the many and immediate ways that own-being is present and providing guidance, correction of course, instruction, and support, then one might think that own-being is not the source of beneficent will. One might consider such as blessing or grace, or good karma, or sourced from a transcendent being. That’s fine as long as beneficent intention is followed. But, in truth, it’s all you.
  • OM at the crown center is a reminder that the only true creator is one’s self becuse OM is the sacred word of creation. OM at the crown is stating that this incarnation is self-created; this moment and one’s presence in it or lack of presence is self-created. One’s interaction with self-made reality is self-created. OM at the crown center is a powerful statement of will and purpose. Automated responses to life or circumstances un-willed, unmindful of the fact that one’s self is the only true creator of all in one’s existence produce suffering of coarse and subtle kinds.
  • O is all inclusive, all embracing. M is delight like something (hence related to the experience and idea of One Taste). O is a circle; it has no set beginning or end. All that is perceived and interacted with is likewise beginningless. Something comes into existence when there is a being who experiences that something (or group of beings). That is the beginning of that thing or taste or emotion or thought. It did not exist before being tasted or experienced or thought by a being or group of beings. M is like the earth or the sky, present and stable. Thus, OM at the crown center indicates that everything about this incarnation, or the embodiment of each instant, is produced in that instant. Think about it. If you walk into a room, your experience is according to what you interact with, perceive, miss, and trip over in that room. If you went into another room, or outside, or sat still in a chair, your experience would be different than the one of going into that room. Everything in the experience arises perfectly according to the creative potential of the moment and momentary, instantaneous processes put in motion by cause and conditions that you have created. Me, too.

So much more could be said, but let’s leave that to your self-creative contemplations on OM at the crown. OM at the root center is echoing many of these thoughts.

We’ll consider White tomorrow.

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