Meditation: dimensions 3

Everything that one does, thinks, says, or emotes can be in support the awakening of humanity. That agenda, or intention, or aspiration is the same as it always has been here with the online practice. As we engage this cycle of meditations on the dimensions of Being,  know that its the true purpose is that each of us be as full a support of humanity as possible by being more fully aware and true through our day.

This meditation session examines the idea of the density of our body. This is foundational to relaxing into the uncertainties of our times. How so?

We relate to this body as if it were solid, stable. We expect the same of our world. We are perplexed when this body functions less optimally or, as it ages, we wish for what was normal. Yet, our body is in constant change. Were it not, we would not grow from being an infant into a teen or an adult. Why, then, do we forget that the body is always changing? Why do we think that it is the same as it was yesterday or from morning to night or week to week? Why is a static image held in our mind and preferred by our emotions rather than the dynamic, constantly deconstructing/reconstructing truth about our body?

Similarly our emotions which change throughout the day, often more frequently than easily counted. Thoughts? Practically impossible to count- even for one hour.

These are dimensions of our Being. They are the most accessible dimensions as well. Having more of a sensate and aware relationship with these personal vehicles, not only will serve one well in personal well-being, but that awareness is the gateway to expanded awareness. The latter serves humanity because we are one. The former serves everyone in our life, including the pickers of produce that we never see  or those who slaughter animals and then cut it up for packaging. The more aware each of us is, the more altruistic and justice-oriented our choices will be. Now, humanity, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the Earth are all served.

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