Meditation: nondual wisdom: here, present, awakened

As said in the podcast, every technique or alteration of practice that is employed and experimented with on these online meditations is used to elicit nondual wisdom. Nondual wisdom is inseparable from compassion in that they are like vast and sky, but when the emphasis in personal practice is on compassion more and greater challenges arise than the challenges that are potential from exclusive focus on wisdom (of emptiness).

That which is commonly called compassion is often steeped in sentiment or attachment of goal and outcome or is prejudiced toward one problem or population and not expressed with equality. If that which is colloquially called compassion arises due to sympathy, then it will likely also have pride or elitism mixed in with the sentiment. However, compassion arising from empathy arises from the sameness of self and other. With this last statement, we hear nondual wisdom in the word sameness.

Nondual wisdom is to simply recognize the “inter” of all: all people, all events and circumstances, all moments to all moments, all beings, all energies, all thoughts, all emotions, and so forth. Just as the knee bone is connected to the leg bone, thoughts and emotions are connected, so much so as to be united. One feature of meditation training, on and off the cushion, is to notice the usually not noticed undivided way of emotions and thought or sentiency and thinking. In the noticing, one finds space which is also undivided. Then one recognizes that space is not separated from that which temporarily floats through space. Space is “unstained yet not separated from stains.”

Nondual wisdom includes the seeming paradoxical. Any given moment there are myriad options of thoughts and emotions, feelings and perceptions that could arise. Yet, each of us is habituated to repeat a select few or select range of them. To remind oneself of the possible range in any given situation is to call forward nondual wisdom. The apparent paradox is one emotion, thought, concept, or perception which is conjoined with the plethora and array of possible thoughts, concepts, or perceptions of the same thing within the same moment. For that matter, what moment is non-distinct also for the same paradoxical, nondual reason.

Here, present, awakened. Yep!

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  1. Debbie Dise says:

    The comment at the end of the meditation “widening” was very helpful in experiencing an expanded space of “Here” a limitless presence of wakefulness.

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