Gardens: indoor/outdoor #3

Here we go! The back yard was tilled just after Easter (April). The mixture of 3 year old manure, compost, and new soil was watered and then tractor tilled.

Then baby trees and fruit bushes were put in. The west wind was a challenge for them. Often it courses at 40+ mph in the afternoon. A windbreak is being conceived.

Wood chips were then spread on the entire area. This being a rural area, the wood chips are more tree chop. It will take longer for it to break down, even with watering every few evenings for a couple of hours. But, the excellent soil underneath it will benefit greatly from not being baked in the 7800 ft high intense sun.

Soaker hose was put along the 150′ fence line bed. This bed will be used for a variety of indigenous and annual flowers, veggies including tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins and winter squashes.

First cold frame went in that bed. It was seeded with kale, chard, gaillardia flowers and low marigolds.

Then, we made a pumpkin patch temporarily utilizing two more cold frames in the shared yard with my friends and neighbors. It has heirloom blue pumpkin plants, sugar pumpkin, long pie pumpkin, and butternut squash (just a couple of each). Six brussel sprout plants were interspersed in one cold frame; mountain spinach and low marigolds in the other. The the front of the frame beets were seeded plus more marigolds.


Such fun! More starter plants on the outside table. They are put out and brought in every day. I love my walker!

The aspiration is food for several people in three different households, at least.

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  1. pam says:

    I thought you were planning to feed the whole village! Isn’t gardening wonderful!

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