Meditation: 900 year-old instructions

We are blessed to be able to meditate. Positive karma and merit have given those who meditate the opportunity and inclination to do so. We hold in our hearts and minds the billions of people who do not have either the opportunity or inclination. To live a life of travail or hardship or danger and not have the circumstances of a half an hour to contemplate or meditate is like having only poisoned water to drink. One’s good fortune to be inclined toward meditation, use time for meditation, and to have instruction is indeed rare and is a statement of joyous responsibility.

The instructions included here are from Milarepa, a Tibetan enlightened yogi. He spoke or sang them spontaneously to a woman who sought his instruction. Choose one line of instruction and then use it for the week. We will support each other energetically for our half hour and then by shared commitment through the week.

900-yr old instructions 121019

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