Meditation: awareness-being again

The linkage is straightforward.

  • Become established in tranquility.
  • By nature, tranquility is peaceful.
  • Practice letting tranquility be. Experience its peacefulness and stability.
  • Within that experience are a variety of qualities or attributes. Experience them while letting the labels of such experiences dissolve. For example, what is the experience of peacefulness or tranquility.
  • Abide in this. When the discursive mind gets antsy, breathe and re-establish tranquility.

That is the beginning, the foundation, and the ground. Don’t move on until some facility, some modicum of consistency with establishing the mind-emotion complex in the innate condition of tranquility is present and repeated more often than not.

This will take time; it will require the repetition of a consistent sitting practice as well as less screen time. Regarding screen time, feel its lack of tranquility; then choose accordingly.

Now, …

  • Tranquility by nature is also neutral, impartial.
  • As tranquility (peaceful abiding) is sustained, neutrality/impartiality is too.
  • Slowly, this begins to erode and dissolve the emotional content that is commonly within one’s labeling and thinking processes.
  • Sustain the neutrality and experience that neutrality/impartiality is smooth, bright, and vibrant.
  • Also, experience that this smooth, bright or vibrant space of awareness makes no distinctions. Neutrality is neutral. Impartiality is impartial. Sustain this.
    • Off the cushion and in one’s life, this awareness will integrate. One way that it will is that one begins to feel the emotional charge or content within distinguishing. “This and that” are designations characterized inside us firstly through like/dislike. This experience and understanding is an “awakening”

Tranquility is neutral. Neutrality is impartial. Impartiality makes no distinctions. No distinctions implies underlying, essential sameness. Sameness, like space, is without referents. Without referents is non-dual Awareness.

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