Meditation: buddhi 9, Absorption

The term samadhi translates as absorption. It is a state of awareness-meditation that is pristine and pure, is dynamic with clarity and luminous transparency, and is simple simplicity. The meditator can experience these in any sensorial way, but all three will be present. The key to a samadhi is the softening and opening into it, thus dissolution of the primary sense of self into the layered oneness of the experienced state as a whole.

Absorption is a union of all the qualities mentioned and possibly others in your experience, but is fundamentally the experience of the inseparable nature of awareness. All the attributes of awareness are inseparable from one another. Clarity is empty, clarity is simple, clarity is luminous or transparent for example. Absorption requires that the sense of self be released into or be absorbed by the state of awareness. One, then, experiences a higher truth uttered in the words from Master DK, “I lose myself, and find mySelf, and enter into peace.”

The self that is, then, experienced is a buddhic wholeness: identification as emptiness/Awareness.

buddhi 9, absorption

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