advancing meditation: Integration

Integration is a result of attention brought to bear on the ingredients at hand. Those ingredients can be in a saute pan or a salad bowl, in you on a yoga mat or a meditation cushion, or be the breeze, the color of the sky, and the tone of voice of the child or person you are with.

Interest and attention are expressions of Awareness. They report that you are actively participating in the now, in body, in presence. Active signifies vibrant and participating indicates relating.

Patanjali taught, “Through orientation toward the ideal of pure awareness, one can achieve integration.” II. 45

Yes, if one attends to being aware and holds it as one’s aspiration, then body, speech, and mind will coordinate. Awareness – active participation – will be the result. Repeated through the day, through the week, through the year, this will produce an ongoing integration of awareness upon awareness, of intimate presence of moment – moment after moment, and of Awareness as integrated and integral to who one is.

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