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You are encouraged to view the first few minutes of the video version of the meditation session. It will play on any device. Reference is made to some previous slides of reference material that, just listening to the podcast, you won’t necessarily know the reference. (Don’t be distracted by the occasional pop-up of video cams!)

Truth of Being is what leads to deep joy, pervasive serenity, open-heartedness with oneself and all others including the environment and circumstances. Thereby, meditation is not a remedy for regulating personality tendencies, but is a method for exploring what is beyond those limited and limiting tendencies. However, this method only works if it is applied off the cushion as well as on.

If one meditates as a contribution to goodness and well-being in the world, with the aspiration and motivation that one’s mind-stream and one’s emotional composure can assist all of humanity to raise itself out of the dregs of hatred, aggression, and separatism, then one is understanding that meditation is power. Its power is increased as one lives from it through one’s day, seeding care and kindness, respect and warm-heartedness to all.

The text from Maitreya that is used as instruction for our meditation is about being a hero/heroine in the world; tireless in the work of compassion and its wisdom. This Truth of Being is what lies behind true meditation. (The text is the Mahayanasutralamkara.)

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