advancing meditation: Maitreya’s instructions 1

Maitreya communicated five treatises through Asanga around 400 AD. One, the  Mahayanasutralamkara, is about the bodhisattva path. Contemplation and meditation are expounded upon fully as both develop the heart and mind of the practitioner to a profound extent.

The quote given below is clear and concise. We will use them for a couple of weeks.

advancing 071718 Maitreya’s instructions 1


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  1. Thanks for making and posting, Donna.

    I shared this with a couple of people who are interested in learning more about how to meditate, why, etc.

    Great, brief, informative, and active.

    You rock!


  2. You are most kind, Sally. I hope your friends find a form of meditation that suits them. If it is here on BlazingLight, how cool!

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