advancing meditation: Milarepa 2

Each of the instructions from Milarepa can be used literally, metaphorically, in the deconstruction of the personal ego, or as pointing-out instructions regarding the nature of essential Being. For example, to observe a mountain and understand that it is “free from departing and coming.”

Initially, this instruction has to do with stability in one’s meditation practice. Is stability present? Has one established it?

Next, one can observe within oneself that when some stability is present, a sense of equipoise is also present. With these, one’s meditation can deepen or be sustained. Also, evenness of emotions and openness of mind increase through the vicissitudes of the day.

Spiritually, the instruction pertains to essential nature and how dualism is a departing from the true essence of being, or Truth of Being. Common phrases that, such as: “to be beside oneself,” “I got ahead of myself,” “I don’t know what I was thinking.” or “that isn’t like me.” One departs from the simplicity of Being, from essential Awareness, and descends into the abyss of personalization, of attachment, concepts and preferences.

A mountain does not remind itself of its majesty. It simply is majestic. Essential Being does not remind itself of anything. It simply IS.

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