advancing meditation: Milarepa’s instruction

Whether from Patanjali, Buddha Shakyamuni, from a yogic master of any country and tradition, or from Milarepa, the instructions for true meditation are essentially to observe and analyze. These two used in union and with diligence will bring a practitioner to Awareness and the nature of self-made reality. Both are the display of Mind.

When one arrives at constant vipashyana-type Awareness (observation/insight), it will be due to steadfast diligence and application of observation coupled with analysis in any and every inner and outer experience of one’s life. At this juncture, meditation has begun to be true meditation. With that, the self-made of one’s reality will begin to crumble and liberation, clarity/bliss, and the emptiness of appearances and seeming reality will begin to stabilize.

Is clarity or bliss or liberation the goal of meditation? Not really. They are natural results of purifying one’s awareness-mind-emotion stream. Meditation has one purpose: direct experience of reality. Meditation will expose one to the experience of illusion and delusion, of duality and pride (self) just as it will expose one to the experiences of clarity, vividness, and lucidity that are the underlying premise of each moment, emotion, thought, and desire. Both revelations are the direct experience of reality.

  • The video is the same as the audio podcasts. It includes the full screen visual of the instruction from Milarepa.

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