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Awareness-mind is described as having fundamental qualities and features. Yet, as the posts of this week have said, the words that convey such features are not to be limited by literal definitions or small reference points. Let’s explore one: the characteristic of luminosity as a feature of Awareness-mind.

Luminosity is a brightness, a lightedness, right? Yes, but that might not be experienced visually by a meditator, but rather as clarity, transparency, a continuous unlimited span of clear space and emptiness, or as a lucidity – the lucidity of Awareness. Furthermore, brightness is warm, and feels good to be in. Therefore, a practitioiner might experience contentment, ease, happiness, joy, abiding, non-distraction, and simplicity of being.

And … one will also experience, that if one abides in or does not alter the experience of any of the above listed, it will continue. This experience reveals another feature of nature of Awareness-mind. It is pervasive, continuous, unending, delimited, unhindered, and unconstrained by nature. Then, using simple logic, one comes to understand that this means that brightness, contentment, lucidity, and simplicity of being (to name a few) are also delimited, unhindered, and pervasive by nature.

Other attributes stated by great meditators and beings of realization include:

  • bliss
  • emptiness
  • and that it is pure, undefiled, stainless.

We often experience our mind/emotions as afflicted, troubled in some way. Small things trouble us. Let yourself notice how often in an hour a negative, judging, or thought of disappointment rolls in your mind. But, these are like the emperor’s clothes – they are not real. It is one’s choice how to think, respond, react, and/or let be. We could giggle more over little things and turn afflictions into humor, or even into Awareness.

To do so would be to experience, in that moment on or off the cushion, bliss as a characteristic of Awareness-mind. Lightness of being would be another phrase for the same quality.

All the features, qualities, and characteristics of Awareness are the same features, qualities, and characteristics of the daily mind-emotion personal complex of self. It is a simple step on the Path to realize that every moment is a supreme choice of Awareness-mind or afflicted mind, luminosity-ease-contentment-and spaciousness or clamped down, frustrated, aggravated state. We smile with that knowing; and take a long, slow, deep breath, and meditate.

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