advancing meditation: abide in simplicity

What is Truth? Is it easily defined? Can we point to this or that and say, “That is truth”?

When I touch my heart, and breathe the moment I am experiencing, I feel Truth. When I listen to someone with the same heartfulness, I feel that person’s Truth as well as his or her abiding in it, or unknowing of it, or hesitation to live it.

Truth seems to be a quality more than a thing. As such, in some respects, Truth is almost undefinable. Capital “T” Truth is … non-personal. Truth is not mine, not yours, not subject the whims of sentiment and personalization.

In meditation training, one’s attempt is to abide in the simplicity of Truth. Though Truth displays in many ways, is experienced in the variety of beauty, compassion, listening, kindness, or empathy, Truth is always simple and fosters simplicity.

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