advancing meditation: recognizing

How is it that we are so beside our selves? What is this Truth of Being that we supposedly are and are attempting to bring forward or discover?

Human beings suffer the condition of non-recognition. But, it’s not only Truth of Being that is unrecognized, it is truth of moment, truth of presence, Truth over all. This might sound harsh and cynical, but is it true nonetheless?

Meditation offers an unadorned simplicity: this moment, this breath, this body, this Now. This simplicity fosters a type of disquiet with ourself in order to cultivate a quietude within. Curious, isn’t it.

Meditation practice repeats the same few techniques over and over. The repetition is designed to stir a newness within our mind-stream. This is interesting since repetition usually produces a dullness, a non-aware-ness in our mind-stream.

Meditation focuses on that which is present: breath, an itch, a distracting thought, an aspiration, with the intention to experience focus, simply being focused.

With all of these, we are called to notice the usually not noticed, to recognize the typically unrecognized. Since that is the fundamental problem regarding Truth of Being, then meditation orients us purposefully.

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