The simplicity of what is needed in the world is almost laughable. It is kindness. If every person were kind and considerate, all needs would be met. All people would innately and automatically take care of others, never take for themselves, but understand that in giving to others that others will give to him or her.

All violence and aggression would cease because these, in all their forms, are forms of self-first. The idea of “mine” would disappear from the collective mind stream, thus from language and from behavior patterns. We would no longer give trinkets to people (and expect praise or thanks for doing so) but would give of ourselves flawlessly and ceaselessly.

As a result, the world would be transformed from the planet of suffering perpetuated by the Law of Karma into a world of harmony perpetuated by the same Law.

Be flawlessly kind ceaselessly.

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4 Responses to Simplicity

  1. Anne kennedy says:

    Hi Donna, interesting that this arrived at this moment. I had just spent a couple of hours re-reading, ( a good time to revisit Saturn ), which you sent out in June, & was wrestling with my Saturn squared Jupiter in my natal chart. Wrestling is a good word as I was trying to decide if I’ve made any progress in the 12 years I’ve been involved in taking courses, was about to, ” beat myself up”, then decided to let it all go & come back to it when my I was more centered. Just as I closed my i-pad this arrived & after reading it thought about how being kind to oneself is also important. I sometimes find it easier to be kind to, & less judgemental of others than I am to myself.
    Thanks for sending this out.
    Much love always,

    • Yes, kindness to all includes kindness to oneself. The insight is when one realizes that kindness to others is an energy more than an action. The actions and words happen, but let the energy of kindness make them happen rather than a personality trying to be kind. Much love!

  2. Anne kennedy says:

    Very true & can one tell the difference if you are just kind without expecting any acknowledgment or anything in return?

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