The tension of the heart

“From out of the centers of the spirit it is especially necessary to tense the heart, because by its power it can transmute thinking. Right thinking produces stability, which is the first requirement. Steadfastness expels duplicity, fear and doubt. ”   Fiery World III, 112.

This is most practical and easy to apply. To tense the heart is to live from it as the point of tension, to have the heart be the compass and the motivation, to have the heart be the lamp that lights the mind and brings clarity to all situations and information.  In this way does the heart “transmute thinking.” The heart also depersonalizes, this, too, transmutes thinking.

All of these effects of living from the tension of the heart produces stability. What stability? The stability of Presence, unwavering and undaunted. This compass and its orientation resolves duplicity which is ever based on self-importance. Self-importance creates the bifurcations of doubt, fear, restlessness, and distraction. The heart, as the focus of life’s tension, is steadfast in all storms, and produces the powers of transmutation.

tumblr_n890nqfdV31rnbafjo2_400  *thank you Adam DeFranco for finding this gif!

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