Time. Can one create time?

All I know is that my choices lately revolve around time,

  • how to use it,
  • how much of it,
  • how to prioritize within it,
  • how to live within Time’s seeming constraints.

time-managementFor me, Time is intermingled with physical disability. In other words, being disabled means that everything (everything!) takes more time. I live a simple life with very few extraneous requirements and next-to-no extra activities. I love my work and the ongoing creativity and realizations that it provides. Nonetheless, Facebook esoteric groups receive more attention and responses than creation of new blog posts. Hence, the absence from Blazing Light.

I have been wondering how to take some of the writing and responding on FB groups for posting on Blazing Light. I’ll give it a try, and you all will give me feedback through “likes”, “views”, and “shares.”

Looking forward to the experiment!

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