12th house planets – hidden power

dmm chart circle.001From the soul’s point of view, planets in the twelfth house represent hidden power, and if accessed by the Soul would ensure that the purpose of the incarnation would be accomplished. The power represented by twelfth house planets is so significant that it is veiled from the eyes and understanding of the personality, precisely so that it cannot be misused. Yet from soul’s perspective, if the personality understood the innate ability or quality represented as being imperative to the accomplishment of a lifetime’s higher purpose, then confusion and veiling would fall away. The personality then would live as a more powerful expression of Beingness in the world.

How can we say this? The answer lies in the relation of the twelfth and first houses to the Ascendant. In esoteric astrology, the ascendant or rising sign portends the soul’s purpose for the incarnation. It tells us what the purpose is and how the soul will seek to accomplish it. Both are revealed in the sign of the ascendant. Therefore, planets on either side of the ascendant (in the twelfth or first house) are particular tools as far as the soul is concerned. It has literally placed them near at hand. We should understand, then, that planets in these two houses express tendencies or abilities that are very familiar, possibly too much so. In fact, we probably live them in an automatic way. Also to the soul’s eye, these tendencies or abilities are a very large part of how the persona sees itself (1st house) or has gotten what it wants in past lives (12th). These are skills that have made the sense of self grow strong. The soul therefore has put these skills or tendencies in the twelfth house so that the personality cannot easily access them. (And if they are in the first house, personality may be so enmeshed with the planet’s tendencies that eventually one will become consumed, maybe even compulsive in that planet’s tendency.)

But let’s keep our thoughts to the twelfth house, since there is a veiling and therefore general lack of understanding about the twelfth house and anything in it.

Whatever is in the twelfth house is a power. It is a power that the soul wants the personality to learn to use wisely and judiciously. It is a power that more than likely has been misused or abused in the past. The twelfth house is a karmic house.

Truth is – we actually know this power. We have used it well in the past. The suggestion is that as long as the ability is used or lived as done in the past, it will have a negative influence in our life. Discontent in the planet’s expression is showing one that self-awareness or, more correctly, self-less-ness has not been gained in this regard. However, as we become aware of the planet’s abilities or tendencies and understand how to live them free of the tendencies of the self, then we begin to free ourselves of the karma and karmic patterns associated with the planet and sign, as well as discover whole new powers within both. The discovery leads to right responsibility and joy, instead of blame, misuse, or abuse.

The twelfth house is one of default. We do not usually recognize our default patterns. When we do, it is a challenge to change how ingrained they are. It could be suggested that all planets no matter what house they are in have a default tendency; and that would be correct. The default is the personalization and therefore limitation of the full range of a planet or sign by the limiting sense of self. As long as our point of view of self is finite, circumscribed by events, fault-finding, and blame of others instead of clarity and ultimately emptiness of self, then planets everywhere in the chart will have their default patterns. However, a primary goal of each lifetime is an increase in self-awareness and a release from old patterns. Having acknowledged that all factors in the horoscope (chart) can and probably are being lived that way, we come back to the 12th house.

A_yellow_Fish____by_dejz0rJust as fish don’t think about breathing in the water, we tend not to think about our 12th house tendencies. The 12th house is not considered a ‘mental’ house. Being a ‘water’ house, the native does not have clarity on the qualities represented or is incapable of living them without distortion. Here lies the challenge. Yet, the distortion is self-derived; it comes from personalization of the qualities or aspect of the self represented, and therefore one’s view of oneself. If we could see how personally we are living the qualities or abilities of 12th house planets and signs this would begin to change the default pattern and personalization.

Parenthetically, 1st house signs are a particular default as well. Here the personality cannot see itself as separate from the tendencies of the 1st house factors. The difference between the two houses is that with the 1st house the person sees the tendency but usually prideful about it, sometimes even in a self-destructive way. With the 12th house usually the person a) might not see the quality as beneficial, b) has not noticed that the self-serving or self-full way in which he or she  is living the qualities are boomeranging back. The latter brings about repeated negative results in the life. Instead of pride, the person often grows to feel shame or discomfort with the qualities or aspects of self represented in the 12th house.

The twelfth house is one of sacrifice. We tend to live either of two levels of sacrifice: a) the sacrificial or b) the sacred. The second requires Awareness and egolessness (emptiness). Most people are living the first level with the experience including loss, negation, pain, suffering, blame, scapegoating, death in all its forms, and abuse.

From soul’s perspective what is needed is to let go of (sacrifice) our self-involvement with these abilities or tendencies. It is the same story for planets in the first house. If we are living these planets as the finite personality, there lies the problem. As we let go of the personal face that we put on the planets and signs in our chart, then the Soul that we are can use them, thereby dramatically changing the expression of those planets.

Also, being a karmic house, the twelfth house requires sacrifice. Continuing to play the game the same way, we only perpetuate our karma; we do little to undo the self-will that created the karmic knot in the first place. Therefore, we must come to a full and radical understanding of the factors in the twelfth house.

What might our life purpose be?  According to esoteric astrology, the purpose of a lifetime is revealed in the highest meaning and living demonstration of the sign on the horizon (ascendant).

Belgian_Deviation_by_hesitationPlanets in the twelfth house, if there are any, might describe how the person is holding him or herself back through sacrifice or confusion, or holding oneself back through fear or wrong expression (trying to hard, fits and starts, trepidation with the quality). One note: the fear factor might not be obvious. In fact, the quality or tendency that the 12th house planet represents might have been misunderstood or abused so often that the person is afraid to use that quality. He or she might expect a negative response all the time. As a result there is a calculated tendency with the 12th house factor(s). This powerful quality has had the power taken out of it thus becoming a prime source of the person’s confusion or lack of seeing (him/her)self clearly. And since this is a karmic house, others interact with the person in the way s/he puts the energy out: obliquely. The results are power-plays, need for validation, yet often with invalidation as the result.

Our life purpose is to grow in consciousness and to serve. The Ascendant reports how to do that and what that should look like as we proceed. Planets in the 12th house have been placed there specifically by Soul and Soul would like to use these planets consciously and creatively and will not let the personality use them in an old way. Each time the personality does, the results will be moderate to troublesome, but rarely excellent.

Because the planets in question represent power, and because the soul does not want to increase the negative karma of its personality instrument, Soul will hold the personality back through limitations until we can see ourselves as Soul and empty of self. Then 12th house pours forth its gifts, as does the rest of the chart.

originally published in The Beacon magazine in 2007

  • Fast forward to January 2020: This article on the 12th house and all its comments and inquiries inspired me to write a series on the astrological houses viewed spiritually. That series is complete and here on this blog. It began with the 11th house and proceeded through the 1st to the Ascendant. You can search BlazingLight for any house specifically for its post or read the entire series. Because each house is viewed from the three ruling planets of the corresponding sign, there is much information on the planets that helps one understand oneself more fully and one’s Path.

Photos: A Yellow Fish from DeviantART, Belgian Deviation from DeviantART


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158 Responses to 12th house planets – hidden power

  1. Wow! So much powerful wisdom here and totally new to me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so eloquently. Namaskar x

    • Thanks! Do you have planets in the 12th house?

      • soli says:

        how interesting this all is. i have north node in 12th (gemini) sun in 12th (taurus) venus in 12th (taurus), chiron in 12th (gemini). i feel lost and no sense of belonging. any thoughts?

      • Sara Copeland says:

        I have 4 planets in the 12th house: sun, moon, mercury, and lilith. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece and so look forward to learning more about myself!

        • Hi Sara, It would help to know the signs of the planets. I can’t speak much to Lilith, as I only know a little. Without knowing the signs of the planets, I can tell you that you are a new moon baby which infers that you are to bring forward a new expression of yourself through this life. This life will give you many opportunities to move beyond a lunar/automatic/and karmically habituated way of doing things, into a fresh way. Whatever is the sign of the Sun/Moon, it is the more mature, wise, and virtuous qualities of it that you are to grow into and express through this life.

        • Imee says:

          I have 4 planets in 12 house. Sun, mercury, mars, Neptune all in 12. 1st house in Venus, 2nd in moon. My sun sign is Sagittarius, rising Sagittarius, moon in Aquarius. Ruling planet in Jupiter, I have 12 house in Sagittarius as per tropical zodiac sign. What does this mean?

          • Hi Sara, I hope you will consider taking my online astrology courses, as it is more important that you be able to contemplate the meaning of your chart as opposed to me (or anyone) who does not know you from the inside offering a thought. But, to respond to you: As a Soul, you decided to put Sagittarius in the 12th house in order to limit your access to the ease, distracted tendency, and self-complacency of Sagittarius. If Sag is being lived on a common basis, it might have fun and be a nice person to be around, but very little self-examination and discipline will be demonstrated. One might feel a bit lost with the Sun and Mars in the 12th, hard to know one’s direction or get motivated, but this is soulfully so that you draw upon factors other than Sagittarian factors. In your case, draw upon the higher qualities of the Moon in Aquarius/1st house. Mind, mindfulness, collaborative mind, and creative thinking are qualities you have available. If those are lived, then the Sagittarian Sun and Mars will feel directed, will come forward in a higher turn of their spiral, and you will feel purposeful and useful.

            Hope this helps.

          • Imee Ratmond says:

            I have 4 planets in 12 house. Sun, mercury, mars, Neptune all in 12. 1st house in Venus Capricorn , 2nd in moon Aquarius . My sun sign is Sagittarius, rising Sagittarius, moon 2nd H in Aquarius. Ruling planet in Jupiter, I have 12 house in Sagittarius as per tropical zodiac sign. My Pluto libra in 10H, Pluto as my MC, my north node is 10H scorpio, 8H Saturn Leo; jupiter5 Taurus; 1stH Venus square Pluto. What does my chart means? How can I access and fulfill my souls destinies as 12H stellium? My life has many adventures, drama, Experienced hidden enemies. My work has many dramas as well. Thank you

            • Hi Imee, I cannot tell you what your chart means. What is important to know is that every point in the chart is self-reflective (mirrors you to you), represents your past, your present expression of yourself, and both future potential (in this life and future lives) as well as future as in one minute from now, one year, one chapter of life. We are well served to look at each planet for how we manifest its qualities, are we living its skills or, due to our self-focus, limiting the planet’s expression.

              For example, you mentioned the word “drama”. Human drama is a result. One would observe and contemplate how one’s actions or inactions, choice of words, and such are contributing to or are the origin of drama in one’s life. Drama is also an emotional response to events or circumstances. One can be less reactive.

              Hidden enemies are karma. But, again, one would also ask oneself if I created that enemy through my actions or words.

              Your life is soul’s destiny. How you live your life will create your destiny. It’s pretty straightforward. We all reap what we have sown in this life and others. Rather than viewing that as fatalistic, one could understand that “I am the master of my life,” and create a masterpiece.


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  4. oneanna65 says:

    Hej! Thanks.I needed that… <3 .

  5. Abi Webster says:

    Many, many thanks! Another perspective to ponder …digest…assimilate and express positively. I have Mercury in Aquarius 12th house sesquiquadrate Mars in Aries 1st house. Mercury as part of T Square with Saturn in Scorpio 8th house (apex) and Pluto in Leo 6th house. Pluto is also sesquiquadrate to Mars. I have Pisces Ascendant. What a journey it has been! Striving to live my life now in alignment with my Soul’s purpose. Thanks again. Blessings!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting!

      On one turn of the spiral, the Mars in Aries 1st house would by the natural demeanor, thereby marginalizing Mercury. Mars would trump Mercury, passion and enthusiasm would rule over thought and thinking something through. On this turn, this is reinforced by Saturn squaring the Mercury – thus again curtailing its energy and accessibility, and Scorpio would reinforce the Mars intensity. The theme is restated one more time with Pluto opposing Mercury (at least by house) = a further way that Mercury is compromised or rendered less accessible (12th house).

      However, turn the spiral and every thing changes! Before moving on, however, we want to acknowledge that unless one is completely enlightened, the troublesome aspects of the chart are still being worked out. Being mindful of that is very important for us all. But turning the spiral: Mars in Aries 1st house would become the servant of Pisces rising. One would be brave and fearless in the Path of Compassion. All would be rendered fair game to be given such that the greater good is accomplished. (think Greenpeace, rescue workers, and such). The Mercury in Aquarius, then, becomes operative as the esoteric ruler of Aries. The Heart-Mind represented (though veiled) by Mercury in the 12th (Pisces house) becomes the necessary intention of the life. Saturn, now, speaks of the dharma (purpose). It in Scorpio says that the cruelty that human beings do will be the battle ground and you the warrior for good. That is restated and reinforced with Pluto in Leo (the wrathful Heart) in the house of service (6th).

  6. It is a blessing to find a site that connects to my Soul just when I need it, serendipitously.

    I have Mars in Libra Ascendant, opposite Jupiter(R) Aries in 7th house, square Neptune in Capricorn 4th house and Cancer Midheaven, and Scorpio Sun at the tail-end of the first house, conjunct Mercury and Pluto in the 2nd house Scorpio. I shouldn’t have a problem with that until years later, my Progressed Ascendant has moved down (counterclockwise) towards Scorpio, and Mars was left at the 12th house Libra. I know that my childhood condition has made me stiff and strict (Capricorn), and my dad being an alcoholic (Neptune), it has always been difficult asserting myself and expressing who I really am.

    I am now at a crossroads, 27 years later, finding new ways to truly reveal my true self. This year is big on Progression, with my Sun at 29 degrees 28 minutes, and Mars at 28 degrees and 56 minutes. My houses shifted in 2014 (from Cardinal Libra to Fixed Scorpio, in the Asc) and my Saturn Return is due December 2016.

    I found a calling that I always felt was something I was always called to do when I was 17, and I heard that call again a few months ago. I always felt that I could be a lawyer, but my dad discouraged me then, and questioned its viability. But now, I am called again.

    I am scared, questioning if this is really something I can do, if this is something that I can bet 4 years’ worth of tuition and lost income on, and everything else that I have to give up (sacrifice) to serve. I feel that I am also called to teach like my mother, but I know that to NOT be a lawyer, or at least have that degree would be something I would regret when I am old, and say to myself: “I should have done it when I could.”

    i am so scared. Please help.

    • Junctures in life are as important as we make them. The truth is that what is our purpose in life will keep coming around in various ways until we are aligned with and living from it. Also, is the call actually to be a lawyer or to someone be involved in justice? If justice, in what way(s)?

      Mars in Libra suggests a karmic trail of emotions first within relations. It also suggests that an agressive or passionate tendency within you can find its correct resolution within the context of how human beings relate or the social and legal structures that we create and function within. First, reflect on yourself. Do you understand how your passions drive you? This exploration will call upon the deeper Scoprio capacity for truth of Being and will use the Mercury/Pluto conjunction. (Go deep – you are discovering who you really are.)

      Yes, as cycles complete (28-29 degrees), a reassessment is required. And our astrology will force the issue. Before beginning the new cycle with new astrological influences, we must understand where we have been and how to transform that which did not serve. In that way, going forward will be new, provide new opportunities, and call upon wider (wiser?) aspects of ourself. Without adequate self-reflection and acknowledgement, we are a hamster in a wheel – going around the same issues time and time again. Stop the inner drama, my friend, and truly contemplate who you are.

      Projecting if tuition and no income etcetera is the right decision is moot to the more pervasive question of yourself. Otherwise, that which is abrasive or passions that are uncontrolled will derail your professional aspirations. However, if these inner processes are engaged, then you will bring maturity to whatever you do. Hope this helps with perspective.

  7. Neptune says:

    Wonderful article. I have Venus, Mars, and Jupiter stellium in 12th House (in Sagittarius, trine Moon in 8th House, Square Saturn in 3rd House); then Neptune (sextile Sun and Mercury in 11th House, sextile Saturn) and Uranus in 1st House (in Capricorn). Until now, I don’t know exactly how to handle my 12th House Planets’ energy without being “too much”. Do you have insight for this case, Donna? I’ll appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  8. Ella says:

    Great! Asc scorpio, Pluto in the 12th House, Saturn conjuct Asc (exact 0.00), Sun, Moon, Mars in conjuction in the 8th house in Cancer, all three in trine with Saturn and Asc… Hey, I’m totally “fine” person but when we speak about intimacy with man/ sex and everything related that question… Don’t ask.. I lost myself completelly… I’m working on that, and think I’ve acieve a lot but still it’s hard to deal with… Oh! Some advice?!

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  10. risensun says:

    This has been one of the most enlightening articles i’ve ever read on the 12th house and explains its function. Thank you so much! I have been searching for answers for a long time because i have a full 12th house with sun, uranus, neptune, venus, and saturn (north node as well).
    Venus conjucts saturn, venus conjuncts neptune, sun conjuncts uranus, sun conjuncts neptune, uranus conjunct neptune all in Capricorn. Sun, uranus, and neptune opposite moon in 6th house cancer. Saturn and venus conjuct Ascendant. And the planets in the 12th either sextiles pluto in scorpio in the 10th, or the MC. Or Mars in the 4th house.

    I know how my personality has been made “sacrificed” as well as the energies of these planets have been made to be denied in childhood, but based on this article, how do I have selflessness in my ego? How do i allow the soul to use my ego? How can i allow these powerful energies out? Pluto is currently transiting my 12th house and has been a light to reveal the subconscious pains that pushed these planets inward due to shame and guilt, but as of now i am under the impression that I need to reclaim these qualities.
    There seems to be a paradox here with earth sign capricorn on the 12th house cusp and saturn ruling it from inside the 12th house. Spirit meets matter is the fundamentals of being human. What is my soul’s purpose here? How can I be an egoless capricorn that sextiles the 10th house of pluto in scorpio?? These questions plague my mind daily!

    • Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I’m a little behind in emails and the blog due to the holiday. Sorry for the delay.

      You’ve described that your chart is a full moon chart in addition to the stellium in the 12th. Your questions are powerful because they lead to the heart of both the personality/ego and to the higher nature. This is declared by the full moon nature of the chart as well: that this is a life of the lunar and solar forces both objectified. You intimate by your choice of words that the lunar forces have acted upon you from others as well as have mirrored yours to you. Yet, your questions are those of one seeking the solar light, the greater light. If I understand the geography of your chart, then Pluto in the 10th in Scorpio is the key that liberates that which can be freed or transformed and resurrected of the 12th house stellium. you have Pluto at the zenith of your chart. Any planet in that position (zenith of the chart) is like the sun at noon radiating and illumining the entirety of the chart with its particular qualities. If the native is living from a low vibration, the qualities cascading into the chart from the zenith planet will be co-measured (low/coarse), and if the native is aware of the Path, then more of the range of qualities of zenith planet can shine upon the chart. Pluto also rules the 12th archetypally, therefore, I think it is the key that unlocks the potential and potencies within the 12th. However, in order to live them in service to the Soul will require an understanding of your psyche, your depths, as well as the strength of character that only empathy can bring forward. Empathy for yourself and for others.

      Empathy is symbolized when Venus is in the 12th because there she represents Persephone and that myth. Her role was one of empathy for Hades and a sense of responsibility for humanity. The Saturn/Venus conjunction repeat this idea of responsibility with one’s empathic or feminine side. (There are many additional interpretations of that conjunction as well.)

      So these are first thoughts. I hope they help and give you some direction. Peace and happy new year!

      • risensun says:

        Thank you for your insight!

        • most welcome. I hope they give assitance.

          • risensun says:

            I’ve been thinking about this
            “Empathy is symbolized when Venus is in the 12th because there she represents Persephone and that myth. Her role was one of empathy for Hades and a sense of responsibility for humanity. The Saturn/Venus conjunction repeat this idea of responsibility with one’s empathic or feminine side. (There are many additional interpretations of that conjunction as well.)”

            and I wonder, can you elaborate on empathy? I read up on the myth of Persephone and Hades, but I’m ignorant to how this symbolized empathy and responsibility for humanity. Can you expound on this? I read your article on Pluto as well. Thank you.

            • hi, Goodness, I had not noticed the typos in the original! Your copy and paste makes them obvious.

              Like every factor in astrology, Venus has many layers of possible interpretation and meaning. How it manifests in one’s life will be a combination of some of the layers and meanings. A foundational quality of Venus is relating, in any capacity, for any reason, on any level. Empathy is an important factor in relating. With empathy, relationships will be whole and uplifting to all involved. Without empathy, the relationship will be one of usury on some level.

              Hades abducted Persephone. The relationship was one sided: what he wanted with no care or concern for Persephone, her life, her family, or the rippling results of his actions. Persephone was aware. She was aware for herself and her feelings/experience, as well as the ramifications to others on a micro and macro scale. In order to address some of the negative effects of Hades’ action, Persephone worked it so that she could come up from Hades in the Spring, see her Mother who made all things grow, thus Spring would happen, and humanity would be able to survive. Persephone’s empathy for all concerned, including Hades, ensured that everyone got something of meaning or that was necessary even though the situation was less than optimal.

              Empathy is will to be vulnerable, so as to experience/feel/relate to what others are experiencing without judgement. In so doing, the wise action for the widest good is possible and will be recognized.

              Does that help?

            • risensun says:

              yes it does…thank you.

  11. Poppy says:

    Hi…i have a stellium in 12th house..sun saturn ascendant uranus neptune and mercury…i am in my mid 20s and i am trying real hard to contain this energy and elusiveness within.. thank u for the perspective.but i still am figuring out as i go the attributes of this combination.

    • Thank you for reading the article. I hope it gave you some insights. Regarding your stellium in the 12th: This is a primarily mental stellium put in a house that disallows clear access to the full range of your mind. I wonder if this has resulted in a more artistic orientation within you? Has it?

      Neptune in relation to the Sun is often challenging due to lack of clarity or definition regarding oneself, or an absorptive or chameleon quality. Then the Sun in the 12th tends to be misunderstood by others, that is to say that others do not see you clearly, do not understand your motives or actions. Without knowing your chart, I would suggest looking at your Venus as a possible planet of the Soul and a key to clarity in how to bring forward the 12th house planets. The reason I suggest this is because Venus is Sophia: wisdom. It brings forward a unitive mind, an evaluating mind capacity, and appreciation. This can be used by you to evaluate more clearly how others see you and what you can adjust or correct so that you are perceived more truly to who you are. Equally, Venus can be used by you to appreciate those around you and the mirror and wisdom that they might be providing to you.

      Hope this helps. Happy New Year!

  12. risensun says:

    Thank you for this insight. I posted a comment about my 12th house planets but i don’t see it here..what gives?

  13. Belinda says:

    I wanted to cry. I feel such a sorrow for all that has come to pass, but I’m finally at the end of this dark path. Thank you for posting this. I found it right when I was supposed to, and not one second before.

    • There is purpose in our lives and our experiences. Trust this, as well as the empathy, compassion, wisdom, and strength of character that are nurtured as a result. Thank you for posting your comment.

  14. oth3rguy says:

    very interesting view on 12th house planets … i have developed interest in astrology very recently, i surf all over the internet to interpret my birth chart. but when it comes to 12th house, the opinions differ.

    i have venus, mars and jupiter in leo in 12th house and my ascendant is leo. since you have mentioned the life purpose is seen through the ascendant sign, im pretty much afraid if i can able to reach others expectations, you see everyone around me think as if i save them from their problems. but i am not, i dont know how to. scorpian pluto in 3rd house squares these 12th house trio. i need help. i wanted to be many things in my life, i wanted to become a politician and then scientist, now i write stories. i have gemini sun in my 10th house which squares the virgo moon in first house. i am very afraid to face emotions.

    people see me as a confused and flustered person but i know they are wrong.

    thankyou for reading through and i hope i ll get help to find my self ..

    • Sorry, that I haven’t gotten back to you yet. I’m coming!

    • Friend, astrology can only point, like a sign post. It is in the walking and living of the journey of life that we illumine our way, transform what needs to be transformed, and become Soul manifesting.

      With a Gemini sun in the 10th, communication is likely a skill that you have and can be respected for. Live it well and wisely. The moon square this in Virgo suggests that you are naturally critical of yourself and can easily be of others. With kindness to yourself and respect of others, the judging side of Virgo can be released and the serving side of Virgo can be increased.

      Leo rising suggests on a common turn of the spiral that you are growing aspects of yourself that are necessary and might appear self-important or actually be so. Stand strong in your strengths, and see through your failings. Let them go. They aren’t serving you or anyone else.

      In order to live the 12th house planets as powers of the Soul, one has to be aware of their power to begin with. There is a “grand” quality to Venus in Leo and Jupiter there as well. A larger than life quality. That could be lived as drama or as generosity. Leave the drama behind, if that is called for, and increase generosity to others. Mars conjunct Jupiter in Leo can demonstrate as self-importance lived through aggression or passive-aggressive tendencies, especially if more water is in the chart (and it is) or Virgo prominent (and it is). So, without knowing you, the suggestion would be: be honest with yourself, be respectful of others, put aside drama, and simply be the good hearted person that you are. There’s nothing confusing in that. Be well, and I hope some of this helps.

  15. al92e says:

    First of all, I would like to thank you sincerely for the article. Every new light that could raise awareness of the deep, soul issues, is of a tremendous importance for the being. So is the effort of the writer.
    My problem is that sometimes, I feel stuck. Stuck in a mud of self-deny, self-blame and accuse of the self for any possible destabilization of the relations with others or the well-being of the people around me. I become preoccupied with how it should be, where I did wrong, why I am not qualified to have the role that I am currently taking in peoples lives.
    I have Libra ascendant, and my moon is in Libra in the 12th House, but not conjunct. The moon is opposing my Sun in Aries in the 6th house, also squaring Mars in the 9th (Gemini), but in trine with Saturn in the 4th (Aquarius), and in sextile with Jupiter in the 10th (Leo). And I have Mercury (Aries) and Venus (Taurus) in the 7th. Also, I don’t have any personal planet in water houses. Only Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd.
    My thoughts are that my chart having the emphasis of Libra and 7th house in my chart, plus the Sun in the 6th, makes me overly dependent of the relations with others. I am mirroring others, trying to change myself, constantly accommodating. In that way, the Aries energy is somehow diminished, evaporating. But, on the other hand, serving people around me, meeting and connecting with them, also helping them with self-realization, is one of the things that really fulfill me and I think that part of me really loves to be there.
    Furthermore, I found it hard to access my own feelings and true states of mine (no water and 12th moon?). Opening myself or trying to express my feelings is also a real struggle. But, on the other hand, me, as any other being, would like to connect. And I really invest in my personal relations, but I am afraid that somewhat they all may be shallow, and I don’t think that I meet people and their needs completely.
    If you have any thoughts about how can I balance the self opposing the others, and how can I meet myself with all the energy that is going (and existing for) the others, I would be really grateful if you can write them.
    Once again, thank you for making the world a better place with your effort and help. It’s a true gift for the world, making a change, and I think we all should aim for that. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment and stopping by. Please give a day or two to get back to you. thank you!

    • Please consider purchasing my book. I think it will assist in your contemplations. You can do so on this blog. See the main navigation bar. Thank you for the consideration.

      The purpose of your chart seems pretty straight-forward from what you’ve written – and you seem to have some insight into it. First, Libra rising is calling for an evolution and new level of maturity to the natural Libra qualities and needs that you have as a Libra Moon. The full moon nature of the chart reinforces that through the newness of Aries, its independence and bravery in relation to make it nice for others, keep things stable and smooth Libra Moon. The truth is that, although that might work superficially, making things nice is not real. Life is change, dynamic, and vibrant.

      Self-questioning is by its nature self-defending. That is so when anyone does it. We might do that when we feel that our needs or desires are not be met equally to how we think we meet the needs of everyone else. One has two choices: in your chart they are your Mars or your Saturn. Mars, when clean and mature, can act and speak in a way that is clear and focused – knowing what one wants and what one does not. Right boundaries and right action with others. Saturn offers the mirror of the selfing that is going on. It’s a form of whining. Saturn says “What is real here? What is actually the complaint?” and then is matter of fact about what to do with the reality of a situation.

      Venus is dignified in the 7th house. Use it for its Sophia qualities, for its wisdom and truth of the heart with others. Jupiter in the 10th is a wonderful gift to the chart. It is in a zenith position and, thus, cascades its quality of authenticity, magnanimous giving and quality of presence into the chart. Live it! The balance of yourself and others begins with centeredness within yourself. Use the Jupiter and Venus for authenticity and wisdom. As they illumine the unnecessary caution and balancing act that you do, then you’ll feel more balanced and true. That’s higher Libra. hope this helps.

  16. Kina says:


    I hAve been trying to understand my 12th house, its sign, and planets. I’m a late degree Scorpio asc. So much of 12th is covered by Scorpio, even though cusp is Libra. There is Pluto in 12th, pluto tightly conjunct SN. Pluto squares Mercury/sun/venus in 3rd/Aquarius. I also have mars in Scorpio, mars right on the asc., and mars squares jupiter in 3rd (conjunct IC) in Aquarius. There are Saturn and Uranus in 1st house, both in Sagittarius, both square moon in 10th/Virgo. Uranus sextile jupiter. Saturn sextile the mercury/sun/venus. Saturn semisquare pluto. Could you please help me to understand my 12th? I believe that Pluto in 12th cj SN has been haunting me.

    • Thank you for your comment and stopping by. Please give a day or two to get back to you. thank you!

    • Thank you for reading the article. Although, you’ve given the placement of the planets, you have not really said what you would like to understand or transform, so, I’ll respond generally.

      It sounds like your 12th house is not very populated. Only Pluto is there and Pluto rules that house. That, then, is not a detriment. Pluto squaring the solar stellium in the 3rd house suggests that these aspects of yourself are a focus of transformation in this life. The Scorpio rising says that something about yourself must be better and more deeply understood, and the Pluto square points to what. Mars in Scorpio squaring Jupiter is repeating the theme, but slightly differently. It is saying that intensity (Mars) must be cooled by the heart (Jupiter). Intensity is me and heart is other/you. Living from the heart, instead of the heat of the plexus will require thoughtfulness (Mercury) and true care and interest in others (Venus). These will bring forward a fuller manifestation of the Aquarian nature of the humanitarian – interested in the well-being of others (plant, animal, human, and planetary). That’s transformation (Scorpio). Hope this helps.

      Please consider purchasing my book. I think it will assist in your contemplations. You can do so on this blog. See the main navigation bar. Thank you for the consideration.

      • Kina says:

        Thank you so my much! Your general comment on it wasn’t general for me. And I apologize for not being clear with you about what I’d like to know, but yoy answered clearly. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Have a wonderful day.

        • 🌸 You might do a search in the blog for other esoteric astrology articles. The easiest is by planet. For instance, the Saturn the Satyr article is quite revealing for those with strong Saturn in the chart.

      • A real astrologer says:

        Um… Pluto isn’t the ruler of the 12th house, Neptune is. The 8th house is Pluto’s domain. I don’t know how long you’ve been studying astrology, but evidently not long enough or else you wouldn’t have made such a glaring error.

        • hi, Esoteric Astrology holds three levels of rulership and, therefore, three rulers. The traditional are the ones that we are familiar with, and in that schema, yes, Neptune rules the 12th house. But, then, esoteric astrology goes further. Pluto rules esoterically and hierarchically. Esoterically, Pluto exemplifies the resurrection quality of Pisces and thus of the 12th house. Pluto rules again hierarchically representing that Life and Death are the winking of pure Being.

  17. dng933 says:

    Hello Donna, this is so very interesting and makes quite sense to me.
    I am a Scorpio ascendant and have Pluto on the 12th house! Any thoughts on this?

    • Hi, I just responded to someone else with Pluto in the 12th. Please read those comments. Pluto is dignified in the 12th, so is in a placement this is fine.

      Please consider ordering my book. It might help you with your understanding of your chart. See the Nav bar of the blog. Thank you!

  18. jbrantley78 says:

    This was an interesting article. However, I have Saturn in the 12th house ( in Leo, 8 degrees from my Virgo ASC) and I feel like I have take everything thing in this article and flip it inside out to apply to me, bc Saturn is intrinsically about limitation, concentration, focus, and it seem paradoxical to expose or expand this hidden side …. Does anyone feel me on this one?

  19. Jack says:

    I have 14° gemini ascendant, south node 6° gemini. Jupiter in leo, North node 6° Sagittarius, retrograde saturn in Capricorn, mars in Pisces.
    In 12th house of tauras i have
    Venus13°,moon15°, sun16°, Mercury16°30minutes.

    I imagine a lot about sex , own created painful incidents (sorrow ful experiences), sometimes i have extreme ended dreams (ghosts).

    It’s like as i concentrate all day on such things hence i cant concentrate on my studies hence i have no job, cause i never tried really to get one. I am intellgent but i cant focus . born in a poor family. Still got a good a computer degree.
    Suffering every moment while i studied ,people were jealous of me, i was kind of scoring good.

    Would you like to provide some advice?
    If yes, i am curious.

  20. Jack says:

    I have a gemini ascendant 14°, south node 6° gemini. Leo jupiter, north node 6° Sagittarius, retrograde saturn in Capricorn, mars in pisces.
    In 12th house of tauras i have venus13°, moon15°, sun 16°, mercury 16°30minutes.

    I think a lot, i imagine a lot about self created painful experiences, sometimes the base is my fears and sometimes i create my own painful imagination. Sometimes i have extreme ended fearful ghost dreams. I think of sex a lot, from starting i was a brilliant student but that brilliance faded away after my puberty, most people were jealous of me because i was focused… getting fame. As i lost my focus ability(you can say other things caught my eye) still i managed to get good academics. I suffered a lot till the day i was a student… Jealous of people around me. Today i have no job…i don’t know why the hell i am allergic to job providing aptitude thing. My cousins ditched me. I hate my relatives a lot. But my nuclear family is supportive.

    So…if there is any advice from your side … I am curious. Thanks…

    • Dear Jack, I’ve been traveling/teaching. Sorry for the delayed response.

      You’re a new moon person (Sun/Moon in the same sign). From a soul perspective, you (the Soul) have the intention to build upon the stability that you internally feel from Taurus (represented by the Moon) and mature it to a Sun expression of Taurus. A lunar Taurus demonstrates in comfort for comfort sake, difficulty changing gears and a tendency to avoid change, avoid conflict, and simply avoid reality. Pleasures are … more pleasurable; but that is not reality, nor an engaging of one’s fuller potential. A cow chewing grass in a pasture is a good example of these habits, but a human being is not a cow. Evolution of one’s self into the fuller range of one’s potential and capacity engages the mind, the soul, the creativity of relationships, and the inspiration intended by the incarnation. All these, then, are lived through engaging them.

      The 12th house must be understood for the karmic quality that it is reporting. Once that is acknowledged, then one can mature beyond the karmic habits and patterned responses with life and the people in one’s life.

      When one is “jealous of people around” one, it is because one knows that one’s potential is not being lived, that one has taken an easy or lazy road, but that road also can only lead to mediocrity, and one knows that. Jealously is selfish, nothing else.

      The chart that you have laid out puts your lesser tendencies in your face, while holding your potential right before you as well. The Gemini rising expresses that you will always be aware (often painfully so internally) that you are your own worst enemy. But, your higher self/fuller potential is equally what you are every moment. It is one’s choice to default to the limiting and non-changing. No true happiness lies there, and you will live the same pattern next life if you choose not to change it in this one. (The 12th house signals that as well.) Remember, Jack, we are our Path. We are our light. I wish you clarity.

  21. nefertiti says:

    I hav a 12 house stellium n ds is by far the most satisfactory article

  22. Brenda Koehlefr says:

    Excellent article

    • Thank you so much. You might find two other articles of value: Saturn the Satyr and Mars in one’s chart: the Path of Integrity. Use the SEARCH within the blog to pull them up. Please pass them on!

  23. Jeff S says:

    Such a great informative article full of wisdom! So helpful in trying to understand the 12th house.
    I am a Leo Ascendant with Sun, Mars, and Pluto in Scorpio… No planets in my 12th house.
    The relation of Cancer to my 12th house isn’t surprising as far as family issues.
    Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Lilith, and Asc Node are all in Capricorn…
    South Node in Cancer.

    Any advice for me? I’m very curious and would love to learn more…

    • hi Jeff, sorry for the delayed response, and a continued delay. Need a bit more time due to helping my mom from surgery.

      • Jeff S says:

        I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, Donna… I hope she recovers quickly. I’ve been in your shoes before and I know it’s not easy but i’m sure she appreciates you being there. In Oneness of Spirit…

      • Jeff S says:


        Would you mind revisiting my comment and providing some insight? It would be appreciated. Hope your mother is recovering well…
        In Oneness of Spirit.

    • Thank you for your patience, Jeff. On a common turn of the spiral, the emphasis on Fixed signs (Sun and ASC included) combined with another in Capricorn (Moon included) would bring forward a one-pointed drive and a tendency to be undeviating and stubborn. The stubbornness, with some Soul development, would evolve into steadfastness. If the Capricorn is being lived with a care for others, and not primarily an ambition for oneself, then the ability to “move mountains” which Capricorn has would combine with the Soul level of Leo – that of the heart. One would be capable of flash and fun but also hard work.

      On a common turn of the spiral, there is a darkness or dark moodiness represented by the stellium in Scorpio. With wisdom and and some openness of the heart, these could give one great skill and interest in what makes people tick and what moves them. There is an artistry in the Leo/Scorpio combination that is restated in the Moon, Uranus, Neptune, North Node conjunction. If you are living and expressing that, stay on the heart-light side of your talent and the way you play. The deeper side, I sense, will absorb you and will take effort to re-emerge from (like Daniel Day Lewis or unfortunately like Heath Ledger). I sense music as potentially your stage, even if among friends.

      Regardless of the non-habitation of the 12th house, one still can access the power of the Soul through the chart. One would look to the ASC and its ruling planet for hints. Leo offers a sense of self, self-confidence, and self-assurety. Capricorn is similar. But, Leo provides the heart, inclusion, and living one’s life in a way that brings well-being or happiness or fosters creative expression in/for others. This is probably the hidden power of your chart.

      Hope this resonates.

  24. Josie says:

    Thanks for the enlightening article, and being so generous with your knowledge. I’m pretty sure I have some 12th house issues going on in my chart. Do you offer readings? I’m interested if so…

  25. LMSoul says:

    Thank you for a very interesting article. I’ve been looking for some answers as I went through some pretty soulful transformation in terms of body/mind/spirit connection for the last 13 months. Physically, Emotionally and Spiritual I feel probably the best that I ever felt in my life. I feel like I’m finally coming to my own and making piece with my past (and I’ve been through a lot). I’ve been regularly exercising and mediating and there was a huge shift in my life, and how I approach it now. However, there are still certain aspects where I feel stuck, mostly finding my soul purpose in life and translating that into a career. I have a job and pays well, but I feel this deep need to do something meaningful, fulfilling that comes from my soul and to be of service, but I have no clue what that is. I also feel in needs to be in creative field. It’s actually quite frustrating feeling.

    House 1 – Ascendant in Virgo, empty
    House 2 – Virgo on cusp of 2nd H with Pluto in Libra here (some say Pluto is the Soul – can you elaborate on that?)
    House 3 – Libra on cusp with Uranus in Scorpio here
    House 4 – Scorpio on cusp, Sagittarius intercepted, Moon, Neptune and North Node in Sag. in this house
    House 6 – Aquarius on cusp with Mercury in Aquarius here
    House 7 – Pisces on cusp and Sun in Pisces here
    House 8 – Pisces on cusp and Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Pisces here
    House 9 – Aries on cusp – empty
    House 10 – Taurus on cusp with Gemini intercepted- no planets, but South Node and P of Fortune in Gemini in this house
    House 11 – Cancer on cusp, Saturn in Cancer here
    House 12 – Leo on cusp – empty

    I also have Cradle – Venus opposite Pluto, Mercury trine Pluto and Venus trine Neptune
    I also have T-square – Venus opposite Pluto, Venus square Saturn, Saturn square Pluto

    Any enlightenment would be highly appreciated.

  26. Erica says:

    Thank you for this great article! I have my sun (in Aries), Jupiter (Taurus), and Mercury in Pisces all in my 12th house. I definitely experience self-doubt and self-undoing experiences a lot, could you perhaps could offer some insight on how to lessen this a bit? My Venus is in Taurus in the 1st house, and it’s my only planet there, along with a Pluto (in Scorpio) oppostion on my ascendant.

    Thank you in advance, if you don’t mind replying. 🙂

    • hi Erica, got lots going on with my elderly mom. Give me a couple more days to get back to you. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your patience, Erica.

      You must have an intercepted chart. Do you know what that is? If not, look around the outer rim of the chart for the signs and the house cusp lines. If your chart is intercepted, then there will be a double of two signs and one before it has no cusp related to it. Then as you continue around the chart the same pattern will repeat again with two house cusps with the same sign (opposite of the first double encountered), and once again the sign opposite the first one that was intercepted (without a house cusp related to it) is also intercepted. Look at the chart used in this post, the 9th house has Leo on the cusp but there is no cusp line for Virgo. The 10th house cusp is Libra. This chart also is an intercepted chart (with only half of it showing).

      The Venus in Taurus in the 1st house, complimenting Taurus rising, is the saving grace which you-the soul- have given yourself. Karmically, when Aries is put in the 12 house (or other self-oriented and potentially aggressive signs) or is intercepted (or both) this is a decision by the soul to contain the heedlessness and self focus that Aries can evoke and live by. With it in the 12th, and/or intercepted – and maybe yours is both, one is forced to live the deeper energies and insights of Aries instead of the all-too-ease headstrong independence.

      Venus in Taurus helps you in a variety of ways. Here are a couple. 1. It is a ruler of Taurus, thus can be used by the soul (rising sign) as well as by the personality (1st house). 2. The Venus/ASC in Taurus want to access the joy and fullness of heart that Jupiter in Taurus can bring. Thus, you are encouraged to feel what makes you genuinely happy and how you can make others happy. Making others happy (Jupiter) will catalyze the 12th house planets that otherwise are locked in a karmic house. Through Jupiter, the ASC, and Venus, you will find that by making others happy, seeing to their needs and security, and living in harmony with others, that the higher side of Aries (to take a stand for the well-being of others) is called upon. Old karmic patterns are redressed and new powers of the soul can be expressed.

      If Aries is intercepted in your chart, Libra is too. My guess is that you have double Taurus and double Scorpio cusps. If that is the case, as a soul you have pulled out the stops with the double Scorpio and birthing with Pluto in Scorpio. The work of the life, from the view of the soul, is to undo old self-oriented and self-absorbed tendencies that have their karmic trail. Instead, live with the deep and joyful appreciation and gratitude for others and the events and circumstances in life that keep you humble, and understand that harmony in all respects is the greatest wisdom. (Venus in Taurus, Taurus rising, and Jupiter in Taurus).

      I hope this is of value and helpful.

      • Erica says:

        Thank you so much for this! What you’ve said is very eye-opening and helpful. (I do notice that I’ve misspoken about having Venus in Taurus, it’s actually in Gemini-I’m sorry about not noticing that beforehand.) Regardless, I do feel like making others happy makes me feel a bit more useful.
        I definitely will need to look more in depth about the intercepted chart, thank you for the helpful description in getting me started.
        I’ve looked the my dominant signs in my birth chart, and Capricorn, Scorpio, and Pisces are my top three. My sun squares Neptune, which probably doesn’t help matters. I also suspect having a lot of Capricorn might also attribute to the amount of self-doubt. I have it as my Mars sign, in the tenth house also ruled by Capricorn. Mars is also conjunct my midheaven by 3 degrees, and squares my moon. In addition, I have a stellium in Capricorn (Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus).
        I definitely will need to learn more about how to avoid and fix the more negative aspects of having so much Pluto in my chart as you’ve mentioned.
        I really appreciate you taking out your time explaining some of my aspects here, thank you.

        • hi again, Erica, Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini and, thus, some of what was said applies because of the ruler’s capacity to influence. With Venus being the esoteric ruler – thus related to the soul level of both the planet and the sign, then – again – much that was said works regarding Venus and its role.

          Yes, an intercepted chart is a significant factor. It speaks of a closet of karma. Planets in this closet don’t have the usual doorway by which they and their qualities are easily accessed – which would normally be the cusp of the house. Without a cusp, the house is elongated and the sign that is intercepted (thus any planets in the sign) is accessed as it through clumsy gloves. The closet door is closed – things are kind of muffled inside and outside of it. So, there can be an awkwardness in how one expresses the energies, or sometimes super well and just as often as if stumbling with the same energy and capacity. As such, the planets and the signs that are intercepted represent that which was lived fully before, probably too fully. Therefore, the soul is putting those behavior tendencies or appetites or presentations of ego in a less accessible form and one that gets one into “trouble” just as often as brings one satisfaction.

          Remember Pluto is a great transformer. Use it to do that with yourself. Go deep, go to the root of tendencies and patterns. With the Plutonian quality to your chart, as a soul, you have said “I can transform and redeem obvious qualities.” So, understand that joy will result from the effort, diligence, and self-honesty that you apply to the work of changing oneself.

  27. Fry says:

    I have sun,mars and mercury in 12th house….

    With tarus as the sign on it….

    Is it good thing???

  28. Josie says:

    I’m a sun gemini (1st house), gemini rising, aries moon (11th house), venus in gemini (12th house), and mars in taurus (12th house). Any 12th house issues you can see with this combination? Thanks!

    • hi Josie, I need a few days to respond due to helping my mom with a health issue. Thanks!

      • josiemac45 says:

        Hello Donna,
        Would I be able to answer my 12th house questions, related to the planets that occupy it in my birth chart, with your ‘Astrology Illuminated’ book?

      • josiemac45 says:

        Hi again Donna,
        Would it be accurate to assume a 12th house Mars in Taurus means learning how to moderately express and utilize power/energy?
        Also, does a 12th house Venus in Gemini challenge it’s inhabitants to address restlessness in love/relationships?

        • Thank you for your patience, Josie. I went from care-giving of my mom for two months to doing the same for an 86 year old friend this week. Not much time for anything else.

          Yes, what you say would be one interpretation of that placement. If learning to “moderately express and utilize” these energies is a significant factor in the chart, then its message will repeat in the chart. Look for that which indicates stubbornness and adjusting it, or being a bull-dozer with oneself or with others or with situations and noticing one’s pushiness, and/or an ability to work hard and stay with something until it is done.

          Mars is enthusiasm and drive. Taurus, like a bull, can put its head down and go. Reflect on what are you to understand about yourself that is detrimental – stubborn or stuck – and beneficial – hard working, steadfast, unafraid to work in order to accomplish a goal.

          Venus in Gemini – yes, what you say but more. Venus is about what one likes. Gemini flits about, changes things up. Venus in Gemini can demonstrate through reading three books at a time or enjoying good conversation or desiring freedom in relationships. Look at each example and deduce the type of energy being expressed, then reflect on how your Venus in Gemini is demonstrating. Your question about restlessness in love/relationships is related to the last example. If you are living that, then look for restlessness elsewhere in your life, mind, body, or emotions through aloofness or a casual attitude. Then, think about what “getting real” would be from the point of view of yourself as a soul.

          hope this helps.

  29. Gosh the 12th house is deep!! As a Pisces I know the struggle is real 🙂

  30. Em says:

    Thank you Donna for this enlightening article regarding the powers within the 12th house. I have come across it in the middle of a personal process of doubting a guy I was dating for two months. At first, I projected the issues he had in the 12th house with Mars a few degrees from his ascendant and within a few days, it became clear that this relationship was dishonest. In the process of facing this dishonesty, was a reclaiming of a child-self, who never dared to face and deal with what was going on behind her back. It was a powerful soul-returning experience for which I am very grateful for.

    As another piece of me has returned home, I see him, I see the movements we both made, and I feel deep compassion for both. I am left with a new angle on my retrograde Juno, practically conjunct with my Ascendant, one degree behind it in the 12th. I feel like it has moved forward, like there was a soul jump and instead of feeling like a not-fit-for-marriage-woman, my eyesight changed and all of a sudden I see now and understand my soul purpose is to fuse into partnership was what I was born to do. These things can be complex to relay via words on a blog, but it is as if, before I viewed myself as someone was cursed with a misfortune and all of a sudden I see goodness and blessings and light in the position of my juno and thus, I feel for the first time hopeful.

    Astrology, in its esoteric shamanic sense as been a tool I have been dancing with on and off through the past 8 years. I don’t like it’s literal closed sense, yet in times of confusion it can help me get signs about what is going in the path.

    I feel like my awakening is related to the field of marriage and therefor my question is related to the field of marriage. I am eager to experience life long partnership with the right soul mate, no more cheating behind my back with the loved ones or choosing a loved one to provide and realizing that though he can supply the goods and be there, the heart is not healthily involved. I am ready to face my own dark sides, embody the ranges of my soul, and experience life as a mother, a partner, a soul grounded in this life as a woman.

    My chart is 22 degrees Taurus, in the last degree of the 6th Service house. Descendant is on 23 degrees Taurus. Ascendant is 23 degrees Scorpio, Juno is retrograde in 22 degrees Scorpio opposite my sun. I have a stallion of plants in Aries, in my 5th house: Moon in 2nd degree Aries right on the cusp of my 5th house (meaning right at the beginning), Mars and Venus are conjunct 12 degrees in Aries in my 5th. Mars, Venus form a fire 60 degrees triangle with Saturn in the 9th house in Leo (the spiritual teacher soul, has returned to me thank goodness), and Neptune in the beautiful sign of Sagittarius retrograding in my 1st. I just learned that Psyche is in Virgo, but I can’t seem to find the asteroid in astro.com’s natal chart.

    My 12th house signs is completely engulfed in Scorpio, starting one degree before the beginning of the 12th and ending in the 1st house. Thus, such is my 6th house, in Taurus. I have Uranus, retrograding in the 9th degree in Scorpio in the 12th, serving faithfully thankfully. And I have Jupiter and Lilith in my 7th House, 6 degrees apart. Bless…

    I am called to go back to the soul karmic “drawing board” and to do some old Tibetan meditation to clear up some further old karma that has brought me to experience this last awakening experience. I haven’t meditated in years and it says a lot if I am called back. Some cleansing needs to be done. I would love to your input regarding seeing more soul power that could be available for my path to come its true luminescent essence as a woman, a dancer, a shamanic practitioner, and a 39 years old woman who is single and wants to get married or be in a committed relationship with her light power partner, whom I can bring children to the world with.

    I trust your voice and your clarity, as I have never ever before have ever written a comment in any astrology blog I have visited:)

    And I thank you for the perspectives and light you bring through your wisdom, heart and soul.
    Thank you!
    In grace, Em

    • Hi Em,
      The insights that you have already brought to yourself are the foundation for the very truthfulness you seek with others. With that ground, the harvest of a changing karmic pattern is likely. Like all good gardeners, you’ll have to till the soil of your own mind, and weed out useless emotional tendencies. I’ll get back with more – specific to the stated placements – within a day or two. Peace and light!

      • emiella says:

        Thank you for posting this and for answering so quickly.

        I also have my north node in libra and Pluto is there opposit my moon. I can also relay my birth time and place to you.

        I feel like this past stint was about me needing to do a cleanse about something I did in a past life, not just to him, but perhaps to my counter male power (?), cause my deepest teachers have been partners, who in some shape or form cheat.

        I’ve had enough of that. And I can’t live without love in a life of material comfort either. All this directs to me to want to reclaim my Juno power. I’m ready and I love the gardener metaphor you used! 🙂

        This is the start.

        Looking forward to hearing more.
        In gratitude,
        Peace and light.

  31. Nova says:

    Great article! May I ask if having moon conjunct Neptune natally is the same as having Moon in Pisces? Thank you.

    • hi Nova, good question. Energetically, yes, there are similarities, but they are not the same. The conjunction of two planets (or more) means that their energies blend and create a combination. As a result, the person experiences the combination/the blended energies rather than each of them singly. In the case of the Moon and Neptune, they are both in the same sign probably. That sign is further going to condition or qualify the combined or merged energies of Moon-Neptune.

      In contradistinction, the Moon in Pisces will offer that Pisces qualities are natural, are experienced foundationally by the person. Everyone’s moon is their go-to, their automatic way in the world and with the world.

      What sign are your Moon-Neptune in?

  32. QSUSA says:

    Thank U. This is a Great Explanation uv 12th house planets/asteroids.

  33. somarain says:

    I’d like to know about the cost of a reading. i keep coming back to this page. mulling it over, deciphering…. contemplating. I think I need an interpretation of yours for my chart especially 12H factors and ideas.

  34. marque says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article! I have always tried to figure out my 12th house. I have a very strong dichotomy between the 1st and 12th houses that I do not know how to balance out. On one hand, my 12th house Libra sun is conjunct my ascendant by 4 degrees and both are in conjunction with my North Node in the 1st house in Libra. My Chiron is also in Libra in the 1st house, which with my past, makes complete sense. These are all in very close opposition with my Saturn in Aries in the 6th house. I feel that I am very Piscean, since my 6th house Moon is in Pisces, along with my 12th house mercury in Virgo. I have always ‘sacrificed’ myself and feel the most comfortable and happiest, when I am literally in service for people. At the same time, I have a strong need and pull towards recognition, but feel extremely guilty and uncomfortable for wanting it and liking it. I also have my Mars and my unaspected Venus in Leo, so perhaps that is more the cause of that. Is this due to the Soul’s fear that I may use what is in the 12th house in the same harmful way as I may have done in the past? I am currently pursuing a very visible career path in theater and the performing arts, which in a very 12th house like way, happened so that I was neck deep in the path without even knowing. Everything seems like a major contradiction, and I feel that even if I am actively striving towards one thing, subconsciously I am doing something completely different that undermines it. If my intuition is correct, I know I must strive to create an identity, but how does one channel the egoless 12th and 6th house, and Libran energy into the house of individuality?

    If you could help me with this question whenever you have time, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

    • Marque, Your write-up is clear and well-stated. In addition to the astrology, it is clear that you have strong 4th Ray which is going to give a push-pull and second-guessing quality to your mind, while supporting the quality of creative expression which the 4th Ray conveys.

      Trust the cardinality of the Libra sun. Drive forward. The past is the past. Its lessons will be in your life as is necessary for growth and transformation, but you do not need to be concerned with having misused energies in the past. As a soul, you are working that out. Instead, focus on your skills and strengths of character. Let authenticity be what you put forward.

  35. Mel says:

    Thanks so much for this article! You gave me a much clearer understanding of the 12th house. I have the moon, venus, neptune , and rising sign all in capricorn in the 12th house.

  36. Ananda says:

    I have a 12th house stellium in Capricorn – Sun, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and North Node. Aquarius rising and Sagittarius MC. I am really struggling career-wise right now. I feel like I know what I should do (teach yoga, reiki, heal people, holistic medicine, holistic nutrition, astrology, live simply) but it’s so against our culture. I’ve been told I’ll fully understand my 12th house planets during my Saturn return. Until then, I appreciate the insights you share and wish strength and comfort to you and your friend. Love & Light – Ananda

    • hi Ananda, Please pardon the delayed response. My life has been in service to family and friends completing their lives. Capricorn tends to be uncomfortable with alternative or non-traditional modes for a livelihood. However, with Aquarius rising and Sag on the MC, your work and the feeling of fulfillment lie in the non-traditional. Bring the Capricorn skill of grounded practicality to those endeavors and make it happen!

      • Ananda says:

        Hi Donna, your response is perfectly on time 🙂 Thank you so much! Your friends and family are very lucky to have you. Since my post I received my level 2 reiki attunement and in September I am starting my yoga teacher training! Your encouragement means more than I could put into words. Love & Light

  37. mariahadd says:

    Hi Donna,

    This is an incredible article. I have been trying to understand my 12th house, and reading your responses to people has been insightful. I have Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all on Leo, conjunct one another in the 12th house. My ascendant is virgo. Generally I feel like I’ve been in the shadows my entire life working tirelessly. I really feel like I have this incredible well of personal power that I have not tapped into yet, but is slowly brewing and coming together now.
    No rush or pressure to respond to this, but any insight would of course be wonderful. My deepest sympathies to your friend, and wishing you peace.

    • hi maria, Those personal planets in the 12th house suggest that you have to look elsewhere to understand yourself and your true strengths, skills, and characters. The Leo emphasis can make one feel an abiding self-confidence, or wonder why others don’t allow what you consider your strengths to shine. However, being that the 12th house is a karmic house, the lower and personality driven aspects of the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus have to be first recognized and transformed. Then those planets can be expressed for the powers of the soul (higher nature) that they can also signify.

      Virgo rising suggests that humility and a behind the scenes profile is important for your spiritual growth. If that is the case, don’t fight it. Instead, realize that the feeling of being in the shadows is actually important karma working out, coupled with the cultivation of others first (Virgo).

  38. Ava says:

    Hi, I really like this article. It makes more sense than anything else I found on the Internet. Ive got Sun+Neptune+Mercury in very close conjunction in the 12th house. Its not true what they say about drogues and the 12th house. Addictive yes, but to things like coffee, Internet etc. are more common with me. Meditations are very good tool for those with many planets in 12th house. x

  39. Victoria says:

    Hmm. I am a Scorpio rising. With Saturn AND Uranus in the 1st house in..Scorpio. My 12th house is full on Scorpio too, with Pluto in it. What would that mean..

    • Well, it means that your higher nature considers Scorpio energy a)beneficial to you when you use it well, and b) provides important lessons immediately when you don’t. It would be important to understand the range of expression of Scorpio from blatantly malicious to healer, from escape artist in whatever way one does so to someone able to stand up and get through wiht integrity and virtue, from the science mind of research and ferreting information to expansive intuition, from low psychism enamored with itself to sheer clarity that perceives through the veils of falsity. These are some examples.

  40. Aly says:

    This was very insightful.
    Thank you.

  41. theweavergirl says:

    What a beautifully shared understanding of the nature of the 12th house and it’s hidden gifts, thank you Donna.
    With the North Node and Saturn in Virgo in the 12th, and a Virgo ascendant, the themes of selflessness, behind the scenes participation and awareness are familiar companions on my journey, and also the ease at which they can become experiences of loss, pain and suffering when the personality “gets in the way”!!!
    This was a lovely reminder of making sacred that which the soul wishes to accomplish, through it’s own mysterious design.

  42. Arjit says:

    Thank you Donna for giving me totally new insight of 12th house. I was really worried about the planets in my 12th house but now it literally feels like a gift. Btw i’ve venus,mars,saturn,uranus and neptune in 12th house and mercury along with the sun in 1st house in aquarius sign. Ascendant also in aquarius sign. Can you please tell me something more about me?

    • One view on all the planets tucked in the 12th is that your higher nature is tucking them away so that you cannot misuse their energies. As the 12th house is a karmic house, one must contemplate the planets there very deeply. The indication is either misuse or immaturity, thereby, getting into trouble through the qualities and aspects of oneself that the planets signify. This contemplation and acknowledgement is very important for truth of being and simple honesty with oneself.

      Having done that fully, and observing the long-standing default patterns that these planets represent, then – and only then – the 12th house planets can be brought forward for the powers of the higher nature that they might be. On a higher turn, Venus and Mars are the warmth of the heart used in service and empathy toward all beings. Saturn and Uranus can provide diligence and discipline so that the service of others is accomplished. Neptune – on this turn of the spiral – will keep the needs of others forefront. One will be uncomfortable and displeased with progress in service unless visible benefit is witnessed. Aquarius rising on this higher turn restates that the life is not for oneself but in service to others. Mercury offers the light of mind and personal detachment in order to succeed.


  43. Donna,
    Thank you so much for this enlightening article – I even read through all of the comments which were just as interesting!

    The 12th house has always been the one that interests me the very most – I’ve got Uranus on the 4° and Neptune + Saturn both on the 11° in mine in Capricorn, my Sun is on 4° of cancer so forms a perfect opposition to uranus, and Pluto is in the Zenith in the 9th house – forming a yod together with neptune/saturn to my mercury in gemini – oh, and my ascendent is on 18° of capricorn, right where Neptune and Uranus met in 1993.
    So, even while I do feel, especially in the last 2 years since Pluto is dancing on my ascendent, that I really get a better understanding of the workings of these energies there/within me (after the plutonian energies put my entire life upside down and destroyed me absolutely so that I could rise again as a totally new me), and the challenges they pose which in turn reveal the greatest gifts (which truly are only there for me to share with the world and to selflessly serve with the help of them), I would still very much appreciate it if you could offer me a word or two on my placements!!

    Thank you so much already, & sending you much love!

    • hi, Can’t answer this just yet as I’m without internet except when visiting at a friend’s house. Let me respond this weekend. Thanks!

    • The Pluto in the 9th is very important as a life theme. Any planet at the top of the chart casts its energies into the whole chart all the time, rather like the sun in the sky illumines the whole sky all through the day. The dismantling of the Pluto transit that you mentioned, likely, worked with the life-long theme and qualities the Pluto in the top of the chart are signifying: no holds barred transformation. This is why your higher nature in wisdom conditioned the Sun so obviously through its placement. Look to what is not in the yod to possibly access some qualities within you that have more freedom. You will effect the transformation more easily as well.

  44. Heidi says:

    Hello Donna 🙂 thanks for the wonderful article. I love a good 12th house story. If you don’t mind, what do you think about having Capricorn at 29 degrees on the 12th house cusp, a Pisces Ascendant, and Saturn in the 1st also at 29 degrees in Pisces? I know the 29th degree is serious stuff lol. Thanks again!

    • Hi Heidi, Can’t answer this just yet as I’m without internet except when visiting at a friend’s house. Let me respond this weekend. Thanks!

    • Serious is not the word that comes to mind for me regarding 29 degrees. Void of course, completing something within the karma of the planet with that degree, as well as “between” are ways that I would think about those planets. By what you wrote, clearly you are a person with a sense of humor! That serves anyone well. Ending of old habituated responses (energetically or emotionally or mentally or spiritually) is wanting to happen. That is the design of 29 degrees. Bon chance!

  45. AAR says:

    Hi Donna, thank you so much for the enlightening article & also for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions so thoughtfully. So kind of you. I have a 12H stellium in Virgo: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn & finally Mercury @ 29 degrees. Libra Ascendant. Also all the stellium planets conjunct each other; and Mercury & Saturn conjunct the Ascendant as well. Venus is in 10H Leo. Midheaven Cancer. North Node is 5H Leo. Any insight would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you so much.

    • hi AAR, I’ll begin by pointing you to the last couple of comments I wrote today. One has 29 degrees involved and the other multiple planets contained in the 12th. See if what is in those comments offers contemplation for you. If not, get back to me.

  46. Rain says:

    Hi Donna, thank you for the most insightful article! It is refreshing to see a different take on the 12th house and its hidden gifts. I have Leo rising at 11degrees 33, Venus in Leo, and Saturn in Cancer in the 12th house. The 12th house placements have always puzzled me. The house placement of Venus paired with a Venus Uranus square always sounds so doom and gloom in traditional astrology books. In addition, I have Jupiter square Saturn at 0.15 degrees and I’m wondering if that ‘affliction’ would flavour all the other Jupiter connections in my chart (I have a few). Funnily enough, despite the Jupiter Saturn contact I’ve always felt that I could see the silver lining… I will be ordering your book and am also wondering if you give personal readings? I can see you are very busy taking care of your family and friends so please, no rush for a response! Take care and blessings to you and your loved ones.

    By the way, here are my house placements:

    Sun Gemini 16°39’11 in house 10
    Moon Taurus 25°17’14 in house 9
    Mercury Gemini 20°44’20 end of house 10
    Venus Leo 1°38’13 in house 12
    Mars Aries 13°12’24 in house 8
    Jupiter Aries 18°02’00 in house 8
    Saturn Cancer 17°46’47 in house 12
    Uranus Libra 28°42’55 in house 2
    Neptune Sagittarius 10°14’56 in house 4
    Pluto Libra 6°30’13 in house 2
    True Node Sagittarius 0°56’40 in house 4

  47. Lola says:

    Donna, thanks again for this illuminating atricle. You said “From soul’s perspective what is needed is to let go of (sacrifice) our self-involvement with these abilities or tendencies. It is the same story for planets in the first house. If we are living these planets as the finite personality, there lies the problem. As we let go of the personal face that we put on the planets and signs in our chart, then the Soul that we are can use them, thereby dramatically changing the expression of those planets.” but how does one actually go about doing this? What are the practical ways in which I could go about letting go of my self involvement of having my Sun in the 12th house? I don’t understand ehat i must do. Am i not a Sun? Is the Sun not the essence of who i am? How can i not put a personal face on that? How must i interact with the physical world without a sense of self? I’ve got 5 planets in my 12th house. I was born fully expressing these energies, but as i grew i was made to feel guilty for having them, and i started surpressing them. I fall into the sacraficial level of expression as you have described. I’ve done some healing to learn that i am worthy to express these qualities, but after reading this article many times, are you asking me to not think of these qualities as a part of myself? I am at a place where i know that i am not a personality, and i intellectually understand that i am a Soul, but how do i integrate the two? If i am not personality, then who is the “I” that i refer to when i say “I”? Eho is asking this question right now? How do i indentify and live from the true me? I am an Aquarius rising, Sun conjunct Uranus and Neptune, Uranus and neptune conjunct, Venus and Neptune conjunct, and Venus and saturn conjunct all in the 12th house, and Venus and Saturn both conjunct my Ascendant from the 12th house. Please help me understand how to remove the personal face from these planets when all of my life i’ve lived guilty of even personally expressing these energies!

    • hi Lola, Your questions and over all comments are some of the most spiritually mature that have been posted to this article to date. Thank you for desiring to take your expression of pure Being to a new level. Let me take a few minutes with your questions and comments and get back to you soon. Peace

    • Lola,
      The line that you quoted from the article is the overall answer to your questions. “From soul’s perspective what is needed is to let go of (sacrifice) our self-involvement with these abilities or tendencies.”

      Self-involvement requires transformation or rather transfiguration. Minimally, that means to learn to shift one’s identity to that of the higher Self, called Soul by most people. If one believes that one is a Soul, then one should be living in such a manner, right? One would not need to wonder who am I, or how am I to interact with the physical world, you are interacting and you are pure Awareness. There is no animosity between pure Awareness/Being and being incarnated. If there were, there would be no incarnation!

      The Dharma answers my questions, not because I’m a fundamentalist Buddhist but because Dharma means truth. Thus your question about practical ways to let go of self-involvement are probably pretty obvious to you if you are true to yourself as a Soul, as Awareness incarnated.

      You write, “Am I not a Sun?” Well, one’s life expression actually answers that question for us. Does one illumine the Way for others, like the sun does? Does one support and nurture the needs of others in whatever way available simply and easily like the sun? Does one live illumined, lighting one’s own way, clarifying truth of Being through each day? If the answer to these is yes, then one can say I am living the Sun. Knowing that we all are imperfect and that we all will work with what we can, we strive to make ourselves better because then we will be happier and better able to make the world a better place. This is to live as a Sun. Otherwise, one is just being an ego.

      You write, “Is the Sun not the essence of who i am?” No, not in the least. The essence of a human being is profound, unwordable, and limitless. The Master DK calls the sun sign “the present problem.” It is so because people complacently express a small range of qualities of the sun sign. The sun sign, and the birth chart overall, are used to excuse mediocrity, to rationalize our desire nature, and blamed for the karma that we created and re-create. Instead, one can identify as the Soul in its majesty and potential.

      We can put a personal face on anything, but that face can be refined, transformed, transfigured. The “I” that wrote most of your questions is the small self fighting for its limitations. More of the fullness of your Being occasionally shined through. I’m sure you could feel the small “me” feeling small.

      You indicated that you are a double Aquarius (rising and Sun). This means that the higher qualities of Aquarius, its mature qualities of Being, are your stretch and the fundamental purpose of the incarnation. Planets are put in the 12th house precisely so that they are not easily accessed by the ego. To access them, we must serve others. Then they reveal themselves in us as powers of the Soul. This does not mean englamoured or special, it means soul-full, Aware to the measure of our current Awareness and ready to grow more.

      Guilt serves no one. So, I hope that you will find peace within yourself regarding that. The 12th house is a karmic house. You indicated difficulty that you have lived. Karma is a cosmic law. Causes, conditions, results. We do ourselves well to truly accept that difficulties are old energies working out, just as ease, friends, even beauty are old energies expressing as well. For the one’s we experience as hardship, we must create new positive streams of energy by caring for others. Those who harm others are troubled beings themselves. Pray for them. Their karma will be harsh. Do not add to your karma with blame but find compassion for those who have hurt you. That doesn’t mean you have to hang out with them, but you know what’s being said here.

      I hope this helps. Join the next astrology online course. It will be esoteric astrology. Watch the blog for the particulars. Peace!

      • Lola says:

        thank you for your elaborate response. I had to take some time to collect my thoughts.
        You say that the sun is not the essence of who I am. I guess that confuses me because I am currently reading a book on astrology and in it the author says ” The sun symbolizes the function of essential Being or consciousness. This awareness of self is central to the psyche and the personality. Although the sun symbolizes the essence of Being within the individual, this essence is not clearly or directly grasped by most people. What most people perceive, generally, is their essence refracted onto the level of personality and ego-self. The sun, then, comes to symbolize not the inner Self but the outer self. In completing the statement “I am”, most people do not say “that I am”, but rather list a composite of qualities and attachments. This composite, we call “me”. It is this me-ness that the sun comes to symbolize in most people. The qualities attached to me-ness are the qualities by which we define ourselves, this is why the Sun sign has become such a ubiquitous indicator of astrological personality for most people.” Do you agree with this statement?

        How would I go about letting go of my self-involvement with these tendencies, though? Is it simply by my awareness that the “me-ness” is an illusion, and therefore “i” am really just a tool that the One uses to interact with its manifested Self in various forms, and therefore all that is happening is life flows through me? Is that what you mean? To let life flow through me instead of trying to possess life? Instead of saying “these tendencies are mine, and I may keep them to better myself, or I may view myself as special and “bestow” these gifts upon others” ?.

        Excuse me, I think I’d indicated my chart incorrectly. My 12th house is Capricorn, and my first house and Ascendant is Aquarius. My sun, uranus, neptune, venus, and saturn are all in Capricorn in various conjunctions, as well as Venus and Saturn both conjunct my ascendant, although they sit in my 12th house.

        Would you say that the reason that planets in the 12th house are hidden from the ego, and the reason that planets in the 12th house are meant to serve others is precisely because of the revelation that is intended to take place to one who enters into this path? that is to say, the realization that “i” do not exist, and that all is One, and One is all there is. It seems only natural to serve others after having such an epiphany, as “other” itself becomes an illusion. To serve others would be to serve the Self, no?

        Thank you.

        • Lola,
          It seems from what you quoted of the astrologer that we are saying the same thing but using slightly different words. “Although the sun symbolizes the essence of Being within the individual, this essence is not clearly or directly grasped by most people.” Yes, hence why I offered that you are not your Sun unless one is living its light as fully as one can. To do so is to accord with pure Being. As the other person states, “Although the sun symbolizes the essence of Being within the individual, this essence is not clearly or directly grasped by most people. What most people perceive, generally, is their essence refracted onto the level of personality and ego-self.”

          Living in that way, “the sun comes to symbolize not the inner Self (Soul) but the outer self.” Hence, why the Master DK called the sun sign “the present problem.” And yes, the sun sign has become “a ubiquitous indicator of astrological personality for most people.” When I read a chart, the sun sign is not the first, second, or third thing that I look at unless all pointers direct my eye and heart toward it.

          Essentially, a birth chart holds one, two, or three themes that are repeated in multiple ways through the configurations displayed in the chart. The Sun is simply one of the factors within those configurations.

          How to go about letting go of “my self”, you ask? Let go of doubting yourself, first. Take stock in the strength of character that you express and have developed. Live from those strengths. Help others (in any number of ways). Doing so will call upon your strength of character and the openness of your heart that displays in the earnestness of your questions.

          Capricorn can be hard on itself. And it sounds like others have been hard on you. Okay, move away from the past. Trust yourself. Capricorns know how to move on, shake the dust off, and begin freshly.

          Traditional Capricorn is ambition, and that doesn’t sound like you. Esoteric Capricorn is steadfast practicality applied to oneself AS the Path. One realizes that one’s Path can only be served as one learns to serve others. This is done through courtesy, kindness, honesty, collaboration, listening, being present, through being alive on a planet with 7 billion people and countless other life forms. Hierarchical Capricorn is spiritual achievement, some sort of realization and its embodiment through one’s life. Unless one is a saint, this will transpire in one’s life. What realization(s)? That “I” does not exist in the way that we think or that others have reacted too. “I” is an instrument for the fullness of Being to be able to reach into the world and help.

          The heart-mind holds the truth, Lola!

  48. Nikki Niles says:

    Hi Donna,

    Just came across this 4-year-old blog and very appreciative. Have you written a follow-up that goes into more detail as to how to read these factors according to your interpretations? Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Nikki, Thanks for coming to Blazing Light and for your question. A follow-up specifically to the 12th house piece, no, but there are many astrology articles that I’ve written on Blazing Light, both traditional and esoteric astrology.

      Did you have something specific in mind? Also, I’m finishing up an online course on traditional astrology soon. Then, we will add the esoteric layering with further online courses through the year. The esoteric rulers is in April/May. Is that something you’d be interested in? Peace!

  49. I’ve been fascinated by Astrology my whole life. I remember people’s zodiac signs long after I forget their names. I used it to find answers to my eternal questions about my existence and why I feel like I am not doing what I MUST do. After digging all the internet about what could be wrong in my chart, I somehow made a little light in my soul. I just want to quit my current job cause it doesn’t feel fulfilling, I feel that I MUST and NEED to do something else. I want to paint, but somehow I am afraid… and I don’t know what to do….

    I have a Taurus sign with Gemini ascendant, I have a Sun in conjunction with Jupiter in 12th house, and also a Mercury in 12th House, along with a Mars in 10th house in Aquarius, moon and Pluto in 6th house…

    But those planets in 12th house somehow made me understand a bit why I am never understood and that I am not, in fact, crazy like some people told me.
    I hope I will find my purpose soon…

    • HI Cristina, Have you checked your transits lately? Also,are you in a Return of Saturn, the Moon, or Chiron; or what is Uranus transiting? To have the feeling that one “just want to quit my current job” due to lack of fulfillment can demonstrate any of those returns, each for a different reason. To want to paint indicates Neptune, Venus, or possibly Jupiter transiting or being transited.

      Be thoughtful in your actions; make wise decisions. Put in motion the causes for the fulfillment that you desire. Then, it will happen.


  50. Beautiful Work,

    I truly felt this piece resonated deeply within.
    I have 6 planets in my 12th house…
    Would Like to Get a little deeper With You…

    Will get your book if still available…

    Very insightful…

    Thank You

  51. Jenny says:

    Hi Donna,
    Thank you so much for this post. I know this is a very old post but it really helped me understand a few things that I’m struggling with very much for my whole life. I have 4 planets in the 12th house… Sun (Pisces ) , Mercury (Pisces), Venus ( Aries) and Mars (Aries). i have to admit .. there are days I want to crawl into a cave and be forgotten and some days I want to be adventurous and FLY… I have no idea why my soul put all these here and so close together.. and of course with Mercury in the 12th, I can never truly express myself the way i would like and when I do is comes out all wrong. I’ve been researching and reading and everything tells me.. live spiritually, forget self, be of service.. but HOW can I do this if i must work, take care of children and still keep up with everything else? My north node is in Taurus.. maybe start there? Ive been mediating, but my subconscious is truly a piece of work and doesn’t let me be in peace. Ive been told to Journal but i cannot stay disciplined for very long.. guess i blame mars in aries for that. So sorry for the long ramble – thanks again! I will listen in to your meditation. 😉

    • Hi Jenny,
      Glad the article gave a little more understanding regarding some of these astrological factors.

      I assume your rising sign is Aries. If so, then Aries is the stretch for you in this life. What the adventure of yourself actually is is the adventure you are on. Common Aries can be quite disciplined – but that tends to be when the physical body is involved. Esoteric or soul level Aries easily applies discipline as is necessary to accomplish a goal that has been thought-through and is worth the effort. But, in both cases, one has to think and feel that the effort and the goal are worth the personal discipline. Otherwise, it won’t work. So, it sounds like you might not be being honest with yourself, and/or lack of discipline is an excuse being used for the preference of drama and personality-status quo.

      If you are a mother that is most noble. It also is temporary as far the fullness of demand. Give it your all. Be a good mother, a good parent, and teach your children how to be good, conscientious, responsible human beings. For that to transpire will require the same of you. One of the challenges of the last generation of parents is that they wanted “their” life to be little changed by the monumental infusion into their life of a new soul, its care, and proper mentoring.

      As a soul, planets placed in the 12th house is purposeful. It is wise and compassionate. One might not know or understand the reasons why this seclusion of energies has been chosen, but self-honesty will help reveal the reasons why. Be creative, be intuitive, be sensitive, be resourceful, be empathic, and be aware. These are some ways that the planets you mentioned in the 12th house and in Pisces or Aries can be lived. Live them as strengths and they will become so. Live them as excuses and mediocrity, lack of fulfillment, and escapism will be the result.

      May you be empowered, Jenny!

  52. Chardaye Matthews says:

    This article really struck home. I feel stuck and I think it has something to do with my stellium in my 12th house. My Sun, Saturn, and north node (all in Capricorn), Moon and Venus (both in Aquarius) are all in my 12th house. I am also an Aquarius rising. I always feel alone and like I am struggling to find my purpose and stand up for myself. I feel like I’m at a crossroads and don’t know what to do?

    • HI Chardaye, Feeling alone is challenging in a world that values social interaction. From another point of view, aloneness can provide the opportunity to deeply understand one’s self, to explore one’s emotions and thoughts, and learn to deepen as a spiritual person.

      You are a new moon baby. The cycle for that is 2 1/2 days. Your birth is within that cycle. New moon is a theme for the life. Fresh, trying new things, being new with yourself are part of the incarnational agenda. For Capricorn, that can be a challenge. Capricorn relies upon the tried and true.

      Planets in the 12th house can be lived as powers of the Soul if one is willing to let go of personality preferences and habits (represented by the specific planets). When one is willing to live those planets as the Soul might, then their power and the changes in one’s self intended by the incarnation can take place. We find ourselves expanding, our service to others expanding, and our skill set increasing. All this is very creative, including the re-creation of ourself.

      May your Path be an illumined, creative, and joyous one.

      • Chardaye Matthews says:

        Thank you so much! You gave me some clarity on spending more time alone. I’ve been resisting that knowing it is needed. Would you clarify what you mean by living the planets as the Soul might please.

        • Hi again. Gad to uspport your Path. Living the planets as soul might do is to live from the refined or higher qualities of a planet. For example, Venus is the planet of desire – thus of distraction. Venus is a temptress. But, Venus is also appreciation, right evaluation, and the wisdom of living according to wise choices rather than lower desires. The latter are higher. In order to live from the higher qualities and capacities of any planet, one must be self-reflective, want to live wisely, stop making excuses for knowingly choosing lower behaviors and habits.

          Does this help? You can search my blog by planet names and will find other posts that give more of the range of each of the planets. Peace!

  53. Polly says:

    Hi Donna,
    I have 5 planets in the 12th house; Jupiter (Pisces), Sun (Pisces), Mercury (Pisces), Mars (Pisces) and Moon (Aries). My Ascendant is in the 1st house (Aries) and Pluto in the 8th Planet (Sagittarius). The rest are either in 10th or 11th. Any thoughts on this? I’ve been told this isn’t the best of combinations. Thanks!

    • HI Polly,
      Whoever told you about no a good combination is using a limited interpretation. You are an early moon baby by your accounting, probably still within the greater new moon cycle. Regardless, it’s a life of new, of using the energies at your disposal freshly. When the luminaries are in the 12th, the personal ego is being contained. This is so that one is forced to discover and/or seek out who/what one truly, deeply is. That the Mars is also in the 12th indicates that passion, excitability, and lack of heedfulness or mindfulness has thwarted one’s service and one’s Path in the past. You, the soul, are containing/curtailing Mars too for beneficial reasons.

      Explore wisdom, mindful/thoughtfulness through your day. Experience your emotions directly. Feel how tamed or untamed your mind-emotion complex of self still is. As a human being, we all have work to do in this regard. We excuse ourselves from the rigor of diligence and, thus, remain lifetimes from the peace and goodness of heart that is the core of a human being.

      Jupiter in Pisces suggests a sensitive nature; but also one that easily is distracted. Use Jupiter as a power of the Soul. Live Pisces also for its self-less-ness and unlimited sensitive empathy for all beings.

      Peace and light!

  54. Mari Santos says:


  55. Mari Santos says:

    Hi. Thank you for such an amazing explanation. I have Ascendant in Taurus, Neptune 7th house, natal Pluto in Virgo 5th house and natal Saturn in Aries 12th house. Pluto is now transiting my 9th house in Capricorn and will make a square with my Saturn soon. I am very concern about this transit.
    I`ve just discovered that my husband has been deceiving me for years. I just realized that now because Neptune was transiting my house 10 opposite my Jupiter in 4th house. I discovered that he has also been manipulating me for years, including making me sign some documents in order to take my house from me, which I bought before I met him. This conflict got very intense this year. He is much older than me.
    I`ve been living abroad for years and my whole work life is in a foreign country and he is also from this country where I live now. I got sick for some years ago and can not work in the same field anymore. It has been very difficult to get another job because I do not have any experience in other field and I am in my fifty. The only thing I keep in mind is my aspiration to serve humanity. I just got an opportunity to start again in a much more soul oriented work. But now I am wondering what I shall expect from Pluto transiting square my natal Saturn in 12th house? Thank you.

    • Hmmm. I’m not sure what I can offer you, Mari. I believe that every situation in our life is to help us awaken. Awakening is to be wiser, to be more open, to be more responsible or understand responsibility, to be empathetic, helpful, and so forth. Some of what you have openly described would have required your participation too. For example, signing important legal documents should necessitate asking questions, being sure that one understands the ramifications of one’s actions, and such responsible, heedful considerations. Pluto transiting the Sun generally is experienced as pressure, disempowerment, and/or challenge that is bigger than the personality can do much about. Pluto tends to use every avenue of our life that is at its disposal: work, relationships, environment, finances, and/or health. But, Pluto’s intention is benevolent. Human beings must learn that we try to control everything external but do not work equally to tame or train our mind and live from the power of the heart. Pluto is trying to orient us to the inner: to thoughts that are wrong, hurtful, disengenuous, or that keep us in a loop of mediocrity. The inner is the source of one’s potential, one’s capacity to change or transform thoughts, emotions, habits, and how one lives one’s life so that it is aligned with integrity.

      I hope this helps you with orientation. Not sure what else to offer. Peace!

  56. Daphne says:

    Hi, incredibly beautiful, thanks! I have oodles of planets in my 12th house.. Mercury(Gemini), Mars(Gemini), Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus (all in Taurus). Basically all of my personal planets. My north node is in Cancer, and my rising sign is a Gemini. As soon as I discovered astrology and the basics of the 12th house a lot of my questions and worries about MY SELF had been eased. It all made sense… but I am still lost about this mysterious placement. I’ve had a lot of trouble with feeling authentic out in the world and I have often felt as though I have many repressed memories. How can I start to develop these hidden parts of myself? Gee! How can I discover them? I am so curious about the 12th house, I want to know all about it! It seems as though the information is never ending. I desire the reason behind why I have SO many planets in this darn house! How can I use this knowledge to do what I was meant to do? Nerveless, I really appreciate this article, thank you dearly!

  57. Jamie says:

    Jupiter 24*27 and Juno 29*39 in 12th House Virgo
    Saturn 1*7 and Sun 7*29 in 12th House Libra

    Pluto 21*7 and Black Moon Lilith 19*52 In Libra as well. Ascendant 12*51’30”.

    So much confusion.
    So much seemingly unattainable energy.

  58. Kostandin says:

    I have a stellium in Leo in the 12th. My Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn, Ceres, Fortune are all in the 12th. My ASC is also in Leo. The person I knew least was myself, I have had to research and rebuild myself up from scratch. Only recently, at 43, I have real desires, needs and aspirations. if you have any further insight into how to better understand and work with the energy of the stellium Id appreciate it.

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  64. Francesca Ryan says:

    Hello Donna. I am very grateful to have found your post about the 12th house
    It has helped me understand something I have puzzled over for the longest time.
    I have Sun, Moon and Uranus (all Leo) and Venus (Cancer) in the 12th.
    With a Leo ascendant.
    I was told my birth time in a dream a few years ago. I was told more recently to study Dane Rudyhar, which I have been doing.
    I am consciously on a spiritual path in this incarnation. What your post illuminated for me was that some qualities we have, may be hidden by the soul in order that the personality does not claim them as their own. I have a psychological difficulty with looking for validation outside, to the point it is a narcissistic tendency (though as the sun needs reflection, I maybe should view that as part of the shadow that comes with a lot of Leo.)
    Profound thanks once again for such an insightful post, it’s been a ‘penny dropped’ help.

    • Sorry for having missed your comment, Francesca. Isn’t it great when something opens new understandings for us. With that newfound information, our spiritual Path can deepen or expand. So happy for you. Peace – be well!

  65. Tierra says:

    Thank you for this amazing explanation! I have a stellium of 4 planets (Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Neptune) in my 12th house (of Capricorn) and this explains a whole lot. My Mars and Ascendent actually share the same degrees (22degrees) in Capricorn. I have struggled with finding my place in the world/my purpose. I’ve tried countless jobs and have struggled ever since graduating college with carving a path for myself. I’ve tried everything in my being to land a good paying job and climb the ladder, however it has yet to happen. I just wrapped up my first Saturn Return, which has left me moving from temp job to temp job and I have now been w/o a job for over a year. I say all of this to say, your article has brought in a bit of light into my tunnel of frustration and confusion. It gives me some peace in it all and helps me with connecting a few dots of themes that have been playing out for me. Thank you!

    • Sorry to have missed this comment, Tierra. How joyous that “light” and “connecting a few dots of themes” playing out for you resulted in you finding this article. So happy for and with you. Be well!

  66. elloau says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article. I (as many here) have a stellium in the 12th house (Moon, Mercury, Mars and Chiron in Taurus, Venus in Gemini all in the 12th House) Aries Sun / Gemini Ascendant / Jupiter dominant (also, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus in 7th in Sagittarius). I have been reading as much as I can on this house to work through the massive imbalance in my chart or rather, work with the imbalance of energy. I definitely relate to your words. I am constantly undermining myself with my lack of confidence, even while realizing I have so much to offer. My intuition is always second guessed, my thoughts a jumbled mess, my emotions often stoically calm yet prone to deep swings in either elation or misery. Whenever I encounter suffering in this world, it’s almost as if I can feel it exactly as they do within myself. I realize this is a house of letting go and I find it interesting that as a child I was dealt a horrible. emotionally toxic divorce whereby my mother moved an hour and a half away. So quite a bit of loss to experience at a very young age. Oddly also I am a purger of things or perhaps a minimalist, who cares for having little possessions. I find it helps me clear my mind and relax … well anyhow, love any further words you might have on living through this kind of chart!

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