Density and Intensity

The advanced practitioners of The Practice of Living Awareness began its third level a month or so ago. It is an essentialized form of Generation Stage Deity Yoga. One member shared an experience common to all meditators, and one familiar to her. Yet the quality and caliber of the experience of energy was new and distinct. A sentence from her is quoted and then my response. My hope is that the response might be of value to any meditator and to people, in general, who seek self-made release from self-reinforced density and duality.

Practitioner: ” I generated Mahakali for the first time today.  The experience was like nothing that I have ever felt. I would have to describe every cell as zinging.  I tried to understand this energy.  It felt like pure power that did not want to turn off even after the meditation was finished. I couldn’t seem to ground it so I just had to ride with it.  It felt a little like pndora’s box.  Passion and red come to mind although there was no emotion or color to it. I was a vessel. There was no directing of it, it just poured through.”

Donna: As manifested human beings, we reside within density, move it around, and are used to exerting force to do everything. As a result, when an experience (sourced in any way) gives us the gift of pure, raw, pristine energy or awakens us to that energy within, then it will always be experienced as pure power. Sometimes, due to the nature of the experience, we will label it as the pure power of love, the pure power of will, the pure power of raw energy, etc.

As this type of experience repeats, as well as others of its kind related to expanding awareness-consciousness, then density begins to change. As a result, our relation to pure power does as well. Experience by experience, we first become more accustomed to these refined vibrations and energies. Then, they begin to significantly undo the density with which we experience the common worlds. Little by little, we come to realize that these expressions of energy, vibration, and power are our nature, self-same. “I am THAT and THAT am I.”

This has been experienced by people from multiple traditions. Each person words it so as to convey that which was not thought, but experienced purely. Recently, this came across my email as an example.

”Vast is That, and self-luminous, of unthinkable form, and subtler than the atom.
 It shines forth, farther than the far, and yet It is very near,  for those who see, 
residing in the shrine of the heart of every being.”
- Mundaka Upanashad

And from something I wrote in November:

Bliss, void, dharmakaya womb. 
Mind severed from thought, no words can play. 
Only emptiness writhing.

flying-monk-mysticsThus, realize that all experiences of the refined will feel intense in some way. This actually describes our level of density. As we are tinctured with that which IS and is pure innate Being, we equilibrize. In the days of old, this led to adept’s displays of flying, levitating, or being fleet-footers. Our collective karma is too course now to perceive or believe such truths of nature. Instead, the adepts fly in the sky of the Mind and invite us to flights of awareness.

The practitioner concludes: “The generation stage is providing me a specific way to be of service and helping me to know that I Am That.”

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