Reset your reality

What is needed to reset one’s reality? A new mind.

Two things easily support that: meditation and the exploration of metaphysics. Meta-what?? Yes, metaphysics. Metaphysics used to be taught at universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, the Sorbonne, and Harvard. Why? Because wider frames of reference are necessary for all higher or philosophical subjects. The principles of metaphysics underlie mathematics, psychology, all energy sciences, traditional healing practices, and run through all spiritual traditions. Knowing the principles of metaphysics brings meaning to many things, expands our view of reality, and illumines the sameness of fundamental principles in various disciplines of human study.

Expand your mind! Join her for a 4 week online course beginning Wednesday, March 12. Read more and register.

Also, a new round of The Practice of Living Awareness begins Monday, March 10. Meditation changes everything. Change yourself. Empower yourself. Learn to meditate and create a practice!

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