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The word metaphysics is Greek. Meta means that which is large or greater than. Physio is the source of the word physical and refers to that which is tangible, that which is measurable in some way. Physics comes from physio and means the investigation of matter in order to deduce and determine the laws of existence.

What is the matter mentioned above? It is our life and everything that we can experience through our senses and mind.

Big_Blue_Sky_by_RozeChanMetaphysics begins with curiosity about one’s existence or the reasons why something is as it seems to be. In this way, the child that asks his or her parent why the sky is blue or why plants come alive in the Spring is asking a metaphysical question. Likewise, the person who wonders about resonance or dissonance with others, is curious why some people have innate skills that others don’t, or who questions reality is asking metaphysical questions.

This ancient science is the investigation, study, analysis, or contemplation of existence and reality. It is born of the innate quality of human intelligence called reason. Reason seeks reasons, and does so through the already mentioned methods as well as relation, such as associations, analogy, inference, and symbol. Metaphysics uses all these factors of human intelligence.

Metaphysics used to be a required subject in higher levels of learning such as university. There it was called either Metaphysics or Natural Sciences. It was required learning because metaphysical principles underly all sciences, including psychology. The macrocosmic or universal principles of metaphysics give the more specific sciences a framework.

Many people are asking metaphysical questions again. The numbed state of being an uninformed and unconcerned person no longer feels neutral. The mind is bored, the reasons for things don’t make sense, and there is frustration and doubt about one purpose in life. A metaphysical understanding of life serves us well. It feeds the natural curiosity of our mind and expands our thinking. It lends relativity to the true size or nature of our problems, and gives a larger context or possible reasons why those challenges exist.

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photograph: Blue Sky by RozeChan on DeviantART

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