Happy food? 6: final: clairvoyant eyes

Clairvoyance is an interesting addition to one’s senses. The life force of everything is very apparent displaying as its vibrancy, lack, decline or rejuvenation.  Extra sensory perception has been part of my life since childhood. In general, just as everyone uses the external five senses to navigate life, I, and anyone else who has extra range to those senses, lives and uses the additional awareness experienced by expanded senses.

bigstock-Brain-The-Power-Of-Mind--3640012Biologically everyone has the capacity to perceive more. Our brains and five senses are basically the same for everyone. Cultivating a greater range to our senses is done simply by trusting the input we already get from them and have since we were born. Innate no’s and yes’s happen constantly through our day, but most people disregard, marginalize, distrust, or blatantly go against these intuitions and perceptions. You know this, and have probably said “I should have trusted myself,” or something similar  many times. I mention this because I’m not special in any way. Everyone already has extra sensory perception. It can be supported thus matured, and the way to begin that is acknowledgement in the moment of an arising sense or intuition and then acting upon the perceptions and intuitions when they occur.

Was your food happy before it was your food?

Food is an excellent place to start this. Our physical and etheric bodies (aura, or energy body) are completely intuitive. Our body knows what is healthy and helpful to it and what will cause harm. Our personality railroads over those subtle calls for acknowledgement by our body and auric field. Finally the body cries out through forms of physical disease, including mental and emotional troubles, stemming from biochemical chaos within. Simple and small positive experiments with food, done for three to five days in a row, will show us if a food or medication or libation is not not healthy for body, emotions, or mind. Then we would have to address our self, our uncontrolled desire nature, and the misguided delusion that we can just keep messing up our body. Wanting a soda or pizza or eating fast food at Mac Donald’s instead of a healthier alternative is not going to produce a happy, healthy, vibrant body that can accomplish the goals of one’s life.

Spirit Fire veggie garden 2011

happy vegetable garden at Spirit Fire

Happy food is thriving food, food that was given what it needed by Nature, respected for its nature, and allowed to then provide its thriving nature to our body. The nature of our body needs Nature’s nature.

Clairvoyantly, produce that has been grown with pesticides or herbicides looks poisoned energetically. Its field is distorted. In fact, foods that are on the dirty dozen list* often look like food that comes out of a microwave. (Note that, my friends. Google search images of the auric fields of microwaved food. Not good, not healthy.) Whereas, produce grown organically or with low and specific use of “cides” looks vibrant. We can often see that with our common eyes. Side by side, the poisoned produce will look not real compared to the look and vibrational feeling of the organic produce.

This is significant for many reasons.

  • Obviously, if one understood the facts, one would not sit down to a plate of pesticides and herbicides nor feed their children that.
  • Our body can flush out pesticides in their course form within a less than a week IF given the chance. Bodies, minds, and emotions will usually experience and express betterment as a result. Yes, buying organic costs a little more up front but saves untold amounts of money, stress, pain, loss, and suffering on the inevitable back end. Thus the true value is clear.
  • Put these two together and think about children. Feeding them produce and meat products that were raised on adulterated produce actually begins to poison those children from the start. It’s bad enough that plastic residue crosses the placenta,  meaning that fetuses are developing with plastic coursing through their amniotic fluid, but add to that pesticides and herbicides poisoning the fetus’ development. Then feed the child poisoned food from day one. This is a major reason why the current population of children world wide are the sickest in human history. Asthma, childhood cancers, attention deficit issues, emotional stridence, autism, etc are all related to the food we feed our children and to how that food was produced.
  • Lastly, the same is so for adult bodies.

Happy food looks happy, clairvoyantly and commonly. Where Spirit Fire is in Massachusetts, people take pride in living with Nature. It’s not perfect, not every farm is organic but animals are pastured, produce is grown in tiny to manageable acreage fields (1/2 acre to 20 acres).  Manure slurry is a favored inexpensive fertilizer. The lush green is vibrant, the rivers are pretty healthy, and people live long. Right now I’m in Wisconsin on sabbatical, surrounded by crop fields. They are not gi-normous fields but they are sprayed and planted largely with GMO crops of soy bean and corn. These fields don’t look like the ones back home. Acres of distorted auric fields. The birds generally fly over them or around them. Either the bees have died in previous years due to poisoning or the remaining few have figured out not to go there. I have never seen a honey bee or butterfly in the field next to the home I’m staying in or in the field across the street. Clair-audiently, the plants seems to talk an odd language or more correctly, their harmony is slurred.

That distorted harmonic should be a resonant song of vibration. The distortions of the produce’s vibration and harmonic become our body’s distortions, called by name disease, dysfunctions, maladies, tremors, you name it.

Understandably, the auric field of meat or fish that came from animals raised cruelly and horribly is pretty grotesque.  Add insult to injury in that these animals are also raised on food that they would not naturally eat or on food that is laced with antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified. Animals have an emotional nature similar to our own. This is why we have pets and understand them. Animals raised for meat to eat have emotions too, and their stress, depression, hopelessness, and confusion is biochemistry coursing through their veins, creating their muscle, which is the meat humans and our pets eat. Add to this that animals are intelligent. They know. They know their life is unbearable, and know that humans are cruel. This is clearly in the energy of the animal, clearly in the auric field of the food, and then becomes part of the ongoing intake of the auric field of the person who eats this meat or fish.

In this series, I did not complexify the subject with other facts that are important to know:

  • that the majority of non-organic produce in the USA is gassed, irradiated, waxed, or somehow adulterated in addition to being grown with pesticides, herbicides, possibly genetically modified, and picked before ripe.
  • that commercially raised and sold meat has dye added to it so that it looks like meat should.
  • that almost all “honey” sold in grocery stores is not honey. In many cases, it is a combination of what is left of honey that has been stripped of pollen and nutrients mixed with a high fructose corn syrup concoction and sold as honey. Organic, raw, local honey is real honey.
  • that GMO corn derivatives including high fructose corn syrup, ascorbic acid, monosodium glutamate (MSG) are in almost everything. Here is an excellent list. Print it and bring it to the store when you shop. See for yourself.
  • High fructose corn syrup is now in almost everything made by commercial food manufacturers. It is in foods you would not imagine and wonder why it is there. The important thing to know is that the human body does not know what to do with it. It is not treated like glucose or natural fructose from fruit. The human body stores it in retained water, in the liver, and in fatty tissue. When, for example, a person cuts out soda he or she generally loses some weight very quickly (pounds in a week). This is toxic water that was retained flushing out. The body had retained it as a method of trying to isolate the bad fructose.

Bottom line?

These blasphemies to food can only happen with an uninformed population. Please be informed, educate yourself. Know that large commercial food manufacturers don’t care about your health or the consequences of their policies and actions. They care about their profits. Karma has a long memory but that won’t help you or I now. Only educated food purchasing choices and the support of consumer rights legislation will.

Get the picture? Let me share with you the “view” I “see” daily: distorted human auras (energy fields) that should be amazingly beautiful. I see disease fomenting in almost everyone I pass. I see addictive energetics that are vampiristic in their emotions and mind.

Greenred by Neil Zerbe  on DeviantART

Greenred by Neil Zerbe on DeviantART

I cannot walk into most grocery stores. The shelves of boxed products have the energy distortions of intended addiction, genetic modification, and the lewd smile of greed. The meat and fish section cries. It simply cries with anguish energetically. And the non-organic produce section looks like a Picasso painting because almost everything is distorted and cubist.

My friends, energy is real. The vibration of happy food will enhance your vibration and livingness. The vibration of food that was unhappy in its life cycle is distorted. That unhappy food will only bring you unhappiness now, tomorrow, and the rest of your life. The same is so for your children, for your loved ones, and for the Mother Earth.

happy bounty from Spirit Fire's kitchen garden 2012

happy bounty from Spirit Fire’s kitchen garden 2012

Your choices matter. Your choices really matter for the well-being of all beings including yourself.

* Dirty Dozen foods

* Plastic nanoparticles in placenta

* GMO toxins in the blood of unborn babies

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  1. Thank you for your clarity! I have farmed and grown food bio-dynamically since late childhood. (>45 years) This spiritual dimension of the organic/natural food movement is generally not well appreciated. All elements of the farmer’s spiritual practice and consciousness also go into producing “”happy food”. I would love to share some of my insights personally. I live and work and teach in Rhode Island. Shine on my friend.

  2. smilecalm says:

    how wonderful to eat happy food! may all our food be a continuation of happiness.

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