Love and Babies’ Development

Women’s lib and the striving for equality of the genders has been very important for women, men, and societies overall. But one can wonder if it has been without detriment to our children. Personally, I am a liberated woman: burned my bra at 17, wanted children but did not want the marriage license (my husband vehemently disagreed), always had my own car, bank account, and full independence. At the same time, I was an at-home-mom and in order to do so, day-cared a neighbor’s child. For me, it was the perfect solution because I loved being a mom in every way. Some women don’t but I witness that much of that is because of their own Dr. Spock upbringing, and the nervousness that comes from society or doctor or book telling you what your heart should feel or telling you that you should second guess your heart.

Mothering is a sacred function, and now science is telling us biologically and psychologically how important kindness, love, hugs and kisses and a soothing voice actually are to the development of a capable and well-adjusted human being. The role of the father is, of course, very important and it is that for related but different reasons. Mothers are the nurturers; that’s why we have boobs. Dad’s are the adventurers. Love? Love is a given. Our children are children, born helpless into the big world. This short article is glaring in its sad ramifications for babies who are not loved or cared for or, worse, are abused. Love the children, please, all the time.

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