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Star Cloud Snack for Milky Way’s Black Hole Center

“The giant black hole at the center of the Milky Way is preparing to gobble up a tasty gas cloud in a cosmic meal astronomers are eager to witness. …” (from Space.com through Yahoo!News) Keep in mind as you watch … Continue reading

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Physics and Consciousness: 2

When we think of mechanics, we usually call to mind something broken and the person knowledgeable to fix it, like a car mechanic, an electrician, or plumber. We might also think of a bookkeeper, accountant, or statistician sorting through and … Continue reading

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Our Silly Use of Force

Any deep meditator understands quantum mechanics. It is the very nature of the subjective experience. Spontaneous arising out of the plasma of no-thing-ness. Duality no longer a pair of opposites, it dances within itself and thus is One.  A friend’s … Continue reading

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