Meditation: prajna, Presence

There is no podcast for this session, but here is the context and “instruction.”

We have been approaching the subject of prajna in an experiential manner. Within Tibetan Buddhism and its Indian sources or roots, prajna (Sanskrit) indicates correct perception such that one experiences, thus understands unquestioningly, the emptiness of phenomena. Therefore, within Mahayana Buddhist terminology, prajna means the wisdom of emptiness and is often translated simply as wisdom. Such wisdom is distinct from wisdom commonly thought of in English.

When we began training to notice our five senses, we began this experiential exploration of the wisdom of emptiness. That was quite some time ago. The option of getting to know and experience more of our immediate moment by moment experience was chosen (by me as instructor) due to the fact that, modernly, human beings are more checked out than ever. It seemed to me that the best foundation for prajna and for the awakening of Awareness was to support more presence and present moment embodied awareness. That meant the senses together with the mandala or plethora of data input that is ongoing all the time as a concerted focus of attention and familiarization.

On Tuesday morning,

  • everyone was invited to settle in the way that best suits him or her, taking the fullness of time and ease necessary.
  • Presence would arise, experienced through the variety of sensations that it would be. Abide.
  • Because our habits of consciousness are still dualistic and distraction-oriented, abiding would fluctuate. Thus, notice the flux, recognize a quality of Presence in the moment, and abide again.
  • Simply Be and Let Be overall.

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