Meditation: directly discover 2

Each moment is a mandala. Our five physical senses, the 6th sense of the daily mind (in its full range), plus any developed subtle senses (related to these six) are experiencing a plethora of qualities, sounds, textures, moods, and so forth every second. All the while the input is constantly changing. This means that one’s experience is changing nanosecond by nanosecond. Yet, due to not usually noticing the changing attributes within any moment, human beings think that little has changed. We experience 10 seconds or a length of time as a continuity; even as same old/same old. But it is a mandala: a collection of changing qualities and characteristics.

To directly discover one’s state is only possible through the training of noticing what usually goes un- or not noticed through a time frame, a whole day, or whole life. Awareness.

Awareness IS each state, IS each quality, IS each mode of apprehension or participation, IS the entirety of what is being experienced. And, it must be so that Awareness is it all as well as is experiencing it all in numberless ways. Why must it be so? What else is experiencing, hearing, feeling, perceiving, etc.? Awareness is.

Garab Dorje invites recognition of one’s state primarily because we are unaware; i.e. human beings are typically not in the habit of “awareness in its seat.” The world would be a different place and in a different condition (likely better) if human beings lived from “awareness in its seat”, spoke, chose, acted, educated one another, and so forth from that Presence and present moment awareness. So, through continually noticing the usually not noticed, one is training in “awareness in its seat,” training to recognize the mandala that is within present-moment awareness while being experienced by present-moment awareness. (The last sentence is one of nonduality. And, truth be told, Awareness is always nondual.)


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