Meditation: confidence 2

Choices. Our choices matter.

The world is in the condition that it is solely due to the choices that human beings make. Most of those choices are voluntary. Some are out of desperation. But, that is likely not the case with you and me.

The choices to sit and meditate or contemplate while driving or walking or sitting on a park bench are ones that benefit everyone, the environment, and one’s self. How so? At least for those minutes, that person is not consuming, chasing, in stress or aggression. But, it goes further than that. For those minutes, that person is effortlessly emanating clear light, open heartedness, and open mind into the world and human consciousness simply because that is that person’s state. Yes! It is so.

To choose to tame and train the mind-emotion complex called the sense of self is a valiant and heroic endeavor. It is one that will benefit you forever, literally. But, more significant in our times of existential climate crisis and world upheaval, your choice to tame and train is the decision to make a difference, to make choices that benefit all forever.

Thank you

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