Meditation: inner confidence

The confidence born of contemplation and meditation has no ego to it. Pride or arrogance have no ground with inner confidence. Why so? Because ego-based so-called confidence is predicated upon outer measures: mundane, changeable, and ultimately valueless metrics. Surety, integrity, and authenticity are emanations of Presence. Maybe Putin is an example of outer based seeming-confidence. He sits on money wrested from the coffers intended to better the needs of the Russian people; militarism that devastates cities and lives, kills people and sends thousands fleeing -mostly children, women, and elders-as been an authoritarian modus opererandi used by him for years. These signal deep insecurity not arrogance.

For me, an example of inner confidence is that expressed through the life of Richard Feynman. He was a contemplative from childhood, looked at the world with wide open eyes, and was non-religious. The confidence that he brought to any inquiry turned the question into play, fun. I mention these two men in contradistinction so that we who are exploring confidence, contemplation, meditation and doing so through the gateways of the senses and the experiences of life understand that what we are orienting toward is not religious, not special, not hard to find. We are compassing toward the heart essence of  beingness. The more we habituate doing so, in all the ways possible, we will discover that even beingness is an experience and that what lies behind that set of sensations -the primordial ground so to speak- is beyond words, ascriptions, or defining of any kind. Ahhhh.

  • See The Challenger Disaster, episodes 1 and 2 on Amazon. BBC produced. Episode 1 is a full length movie on Feynman’s driving involvement to analyze what caused the Challenger shuttle explosion. The movie is well done, factually correct, and not Hollywood drama-driven. Episode 2 is a 45 min. documentary on Feynman using archival footage. Both are illumining.

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