Non-deceptive 6: Maitreya and humanity

When Buddha Maitreya comes to this world-system, humanity will have matured into a species of loving-kindness. There will be no violence, covetousness, aggression or greed of any kind expressing through the human psyche or the human collective. Animals will not be a food source, and inner resources will have replaced the use of outer or physical resources. People will be nourished by beauty and the scent of flowers, by a single grain of a plant, and by the waters of contemplation and meditation. Desire as lived today in all its ways will be incomprehensible to the human beings in that future time. A jewel and a pebble will be the same to them, except that jewels -understood for the dynamic processes of becoming that they embody and display- will be left untouched as a reminder of the ongoing processes of inner radiance and peace.

Such was foretold by Buddha Shakyamuni. One might look around and be skeptical. That would be understandable. One might also look within one’s self, observe one’s changeable moods, appetites, anger and confusion and dismiss the prediction as well. Understandable, again.

What Buddha Shakyamuni was prophesying were two things that arise in tandem and are predicated upon causes and conditions as is all within dimensional existence. First, the Blessed One stated that humanity will bring forward and establish ourselves in innate compassion and wisdom and, thereby, that every being and strata of experienced existence will benefit greatly. No war, poverty, or aggression will be manifesting because human beings will be living from omnipresence, abiding in a continual state of contemplative awareness of the whole of which all are a part, in and beyond time. Second, Lord Buddha stated that this bodhi-comportment and its benefit to this world-system will invoke Lord Maitreya. He will demonstrate the enlightenment process, Turn the Wheel of the Dharma with his particular flavor and seal, and through the specificity of his enunciation of timeless Truth, beings will develop loving-kindness to an inconceivable measure. As a result, this world-system and the universe of which “this three-thousand-world system” is a part will become an active field of enlightenment. Then, through radiance and joy going out in all directions and dimensions, the elixir and perfume of loving-kindness beyond conception will benefit other world-systems and universes. This is possible and predictable due to the excellence that human beings are at essence. We are buddhas; we are buddha nature; we are bodhi beings -bodhisattvas. (All sentient beings are too.)

Such Sanskrit terms are barren unless one has learned their meanings, contemplated on those meanings, and meditated with them. Then, discovering these qualities within one’s self can happen. It’s an educational process. We do some of this process in learning anything: a word, how to accomplish a task, and so forth. What is additional and vital in the case of terms related to inner essence/ present Awareness is contemplation and meditation.

Have you learned about your essence? Did your childhood include this all-important aspect of yourself? Did you bring a foundation of knowing and/or devotion into this incarnation that has been a compass and Path for you? Has essence of Being been encouraged and supported through your life? Or have other endeavors, investigations and accomplishments been the primary focus through education, time, energy, and effort?

Human beings are activated by meaning. We put time, vitality, and resources into that which has meaning to us. Without something being meaningful, there is no interest. Without interest, there is no follow-through or application. Sanskrit terms like buddha or bodhisattva are, unto themselves, no different than terms like water or sky. It is when terms have meaning to us that they become useful. Learning Sanskrit is not being advocated here. What is is learning about inner essence (by any terminology, symbol, or meditation, nature or silence), valuing Beingness, discovering the profound within the ordinary, and awakening to more of the beyond-words Presence that you are. Then the buddha nature that is the essence of Being of you becomes invocative of the buddha nature in everyone and everything, including of Maitreya Buddha.

What ripens this excellence within each person and humanity is causes and conditions, as with everything else in existence. When a person values something, he or she puts emphasis on it. Each of us can think of myriad examples of this equation in our life; for example, developing a meditation practice, playing at gardening or playing an instrument, parenting wisely and empathetically, and so forth. Something or an aggregation of outcomes was valued. Time, effort, resources, energy were applied -and probably continue to be. The result is dependent upon the interest and application of method, all due to perceived value. Buddha Shakyamuni’s prophecy is that humanity will value harmony (loving-kindness) enough to ripen these qualities within ourselves individually and as a whole. We are the seed, the causative support, and the fruit of the future through valuing that seed essence in the now.

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  1. Anne Kennedy says:

    Reading this has given me hope in these troubling times in that although I cannot control the war , destruction, & suffering of those in the Ukraine or anywhere else in the world for that matter I can contribute to peace & loving kindness through meditation, spreading joy & accepting others where they are at right now.
    Instead of feeling overwhelmed & helpless I have been reciting, “The Great Invocation”, several times each day, sending it out to the world.
    Thanks Donna for your enlightening words.

    • hi Anne, Both your action of recitation and the impulses of your aching heart for the world radiate light into the world. Due to resonance, myriad human beings feel supported in their moment, their situation. The world is in a state foretold by the Maya, the Vedas, and by the Buddha. It is called “the degenerate times.” And, it is human beings and human behavior that has degenerated and is the cause of degeneration to animals, the environment, and one another. BUT, the majority of human beings still live from the goodness of the heart and the wisdom of wisdom. A minority are driven by greed, aggression, and enmity but unfortunately that minority sets business practices, policies, conditions the rule of law, and puts poison in food, minds, water, and soil.

      So, it is imperative that everyone whose heart aches with empathy and concern do what he or she can in their corner of the world. Recitation of prayers, mantra, and invocation of benevolence and wisdom are imperative. Breathing in the troubles of the world and breathing out into the world the ease or stability or health that one is experiencing is vital. Being patience, courteous, generous to everyone is necessary. Living -knowing that one’s life is an integral energetic in the wholeness and harmony of the world- is what each of us can do.
      much love Anne! I hope you are well. Long time no see!

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