Meditation: equal to myself

Our meditation is dedicated to the cessation of all wars and conflicts in the world.

Though I might think myself incapable of heinous violence or acts of insanity, if I deeply examine my mind I find aggression and varying types of attachment. Both of these are causative of some of the things I might think or say or ways of behavior. One might say to one’s self, “I’m not aggressive.” or “Attachments don’t drive me.” But is this so?

The exercise (not this meditation) is one of self honesty, not of comparison to serial killers or terribly confused political leaders. Nor is it a comparison of one’s self to a soldier doing what he or she is ordered to do, or the dump truck driver emptying toxic waste into a river, or the owner of a mine who knows the hazards of every step of the mining and refining process to the workers and environment but proceeds regardless. The exercise is to recognize, “Yes, all beings are equal to myself and I am equal to all beings.”

All are born, all will die. All seek happiness, all avoid and don’t want to experience suffering. All love, dislike, and are apathetic are some things. We feel doubt, concern, happiness and joy; others do too. Acknowledging my inner struggles allows me to feel the struggles of others more truly. That’s a good thing. That’s presence.

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