Meditation: heart essence 1

On New Year’s Day, we did a meditation using three hearts: heart center, the heart of the crown center, and the heart of the root/base center. We will continue this for a while for many reasons, and doing so is not disconnected from the last several months of training in this online practice.

One vital component of awakening is the ongoing awareness of interconnectedness and interdependence. Interconnectedness with others, and ultimately all beings, becomes ever more truthful and active in one’s mind, sensitivities, and actions.  Interdependence speaks of causes, conditions and results, and of how nothing is isolated but how everything and everyone are dependent, dependently demonstrating or manifesting in a primordial relatedness that is flawless. Past, present and future collapse and are each instant, continually doing so. Space or distance mean nothing to and in the energetics of Presence. Therefore, when you are in Presence, others are fostered in the same whether they are in the room with you or across the world.

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