Meditation: you are Awareness

Through this year, the aspiration behind all of our meditations has been that you recognize and realize your scope of Presence; in other words that you are Awareness.

Awareness is the mother source of all manner of cognition and all mechanisms of it within our human expression. Awareness is self-same as universal compassion, thus is the womb from which all altruistic and self-less emotions are born such as patience, generosity, loving-kindness, empathy, sympathy, and joy. Awareness is the seminal spark of all clarity and displays of the same in the mind, such as creativity and creative thinking, reasoning and understanding, curiosity and problem solving, inventiveness, genius, and integrity.

All human senses, sensorial data, all emotions and modes of mind, all displays of who we think we are, try to be, or wish that we were are all trying to report to the limited self more of the vast range of profound Awareness-Compassion that you are by nature.

I pray that you are discovering this truth of Being more and more throughout every day and bringing your Presence and present creative wholeness into the world.

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