Meditation: awakened senses

As one moves along in meditation practice transformation happens. Truth be told, meditation is designed to accomplish this. The variety of transformations and transmutations, of letting go and letting be, of coming home to one’s self thereby coming into essential being all seem specific when one experiences such; but they are not. Each letting go or noticing the usually not noticed or abiding in tranquility for seconds or minutes -in one’s day or on one’s meditation cushion- are the result of everything that is part of meditation training, its repeated practice, and insisting that one integrate a meditative way of living into one’s life and mind. Letting go is breathing. Letting be is impartiality/tranquility. The transformation of the quality of restlessness to the quality of comfort with less is being present and true to the moment rather than ahead of one’s self. Transmutation of a troublesome emotion or negative self-talk is the recognition of falsity together with the acknowledgement of truth of being.

Imagine that every feature of you is wide awake. Imagine that cells, bones, hair strands, auric fields, the biome within, all that comprises your dimensional presence is equipped with eyes and can perceive truly, not superficially.

I believe this is so. I experience this as so. And, therefore, I trust that it is so for you, me, and all beings. We are intrinsically awake, aware, and profoundly so. We meditate accordingly in this session.

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