Meditation: living awareness

Good things take time.

  • A seed producing fruit or vegetable, flower or the majesty of a tree;
  • a baby in the womb or a child newly born to become the fullness of person he or she can be;
  • to build a home, a relationship,
  • to learn to read, write, process mathematics, learn to play an instrument or to be a dancer,

these take a fullness of time in order to manifest their possible result. Meditation does too. It also is no different than these examples, in that, through the entire process of becoming, a living awareness is stabilizing.

In meditation, like relationships, peak experiences are desired and sought. And, as vibrant and meaningful as they can be, they do not last. But a meditation practice that establishes a person more and more with awareness forefront, that practice is truly working.

What matters is living awareness in any moment.


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