2021 dates for Day of Meditation and 3-day online retreats

In Spring of 2020, in support of the world and humanity, a monthly Day of Meditation was inaugurated. It is free, open to anyone, and online. You are welcome to join part or all of each day per month. Below are the dates for 2021.

And, since meditation supports all beings and fosters each practitioner’s awakening, a third 3-day online meditation retreat has also been added. All are welcome to these as well.

Please print and keep handy.

2021 Dates for Day of Meditation for the World and 3-day retreats. All are online and use the usual meditation link.

Sat. January 2
Sat. February 6
Three-day: Friday-Sunday, February 19-21
Sat. March 6
Sat. April 3
Sat. May 1
Three-day: Friday-Sunday, June 4-6
Sat. July 10
Sat. August 7
Sat. September 11
Sat. October 2
Three-day: Friday-Sunday, Oct. 22-24
Sat. November 6
Sat. December 4

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