Meditation: presence-being

Buddha and buddha-field are a union. What does that mean? It means presence and the field of presence are a unified whole; they are inseparable. The field of expression is not factually the creation of a Being (yourself, myself, or any other). The field is a natural expression of the qualities of being. This is demonstrating in households, street corners, the White House, Congress, and in the bathroom when one looks in the mirror. The field innately pervading the space in which any being is IS of the nature, the quality, of the Being. But, again, the being did not create that field.

This is vitally important to understand for every moment of our existence. Doer mentality is a fabrication of the mind. Regarding pure being, there is no doer and no doing that are distinct. Doer and doing are a unity; Being and being are a unity. This understanding is one way by which to undo the the identity of self as the doer and the idea that being is something alternative (and better).

Subject/object are indivisible, inseparable; they are a unit in which there is no polarity. And, there is actually no “they” because subject requires an object (even the object of self or emotion or thought) in order to know its subjectivity. Simultaneously, no object exists without a subject perceiving the object. Contemplating this begins to erode the false ideas held in the collective consciousness and in our individual minds of self and other, self and things that the self does (or has to do), self and emotions, beliefs, dedication, devotion, love, anger, and so forth. It all comes down to perception.

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