Monthly Day of Meditation in Support of Humanity and the World

Every positive thought, action, and choice of well-being for Earth and all beings is needed this days. For the foreseeable future, one day a month will be set aside for meditation and contemplation focused on the wellness of the world which includes the illumination of humanity’s Path forward in concert with Mother Earth and all her living beings.

August’s day of meditation will focus on loving-kindness. A tree is an example and tutor in what loving-kindness is. A tree has one purpose: to provide whatever as many beings as possible can need, and to do so with ease and complete non-bias. Trees produce daily oxygen and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. They provide habitat to myriad animals (insects, birds, mammals, and often amphibians) who live in, feed from, lay eggs in, roost or nest in, or eat the actual substance of the tree. Trees are a constant demonstration of loving-kindness. This example illustrates that loving-kindness multi-layered when expressed by a human or other type of being.

Due to this day of meditation, Saturday’s regular 7 am MT online practice will not occur. See you at 8 am MT!

A Day of Meditation in Support of Humanity and the World is Saturday, August 8 from 8 am MT to 3 pm MT. Please “arrive” a few minutes early to get settled and be ready to meditate for the world. *All participants will be muted and, please, no video cams.

Though everyone can come and go as necessary for your responsibilities, please try to arrive a few minutes ahead of the schedule because I have to admit each person.

Here is the link to join. (It is the same as the June meditation retreat link, if you filed that for your convenience.)

The Day’s Schedule

  • arrive for 8 am MT first meditation (that is 10 am ET/9 am CT/ 7 am PT)
  • 8-10 am MT sittings plus opportunities to stretch the body
  • 10-11 am MT outside contemplation and meditation
  • 11:15 am MT one more meditation session before lunch
  • noon-1 pm MT lunch
  • 1-1:30 pm MT discussion/questions regarding meditation, loving-kindness, or related subjects
  • 1:30-2 pm meditation
  • short break to use as needed
  • 2:30-3 pm MT closing meditation

Strong suggestion:those joining through a tablet or computer, please log in via the link above and do not log out when you walk away for any reason. That way, you will not need to be readmitted when you return.

The monthly day of meditation is free.

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  1. Thank you, Donna, for an inspiring day. I am grateful to have met you and to have shared Loving Kindness with the group and beyond. I have a favor if it isn’t too complicated technically. Is it possible to send me the slide that you posted in the first session depicting Mother Earth in the arms of the lotus petals with the butterfly and other things of nature rising out of the earth? I would like to locate this poster to frame it. My grandchildren call me Kamama which means butterfly in Cherokee. The entire representation in your slide touched me deeply. Thank you ahead of time, if you are able to do this. If not, that’s totally fine. Again, I feel fullness of heart having spent this time with you. Thanks for your generous spirit in sharing your meditation and knowledge today. Mary

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