Meditation: selfless cells

Did you ever consider the selfless sacrifice and dutifulness of the cells of your body? Every cell exists only for you. Each of trillions of cells comes into existence to serve the world of which it is an intimate part: your body and physical dimensionality, your incarnation. The selfless of each cell is so pure and undeterred that each cell will give of itself completely to the point of exhausting its capacity to serve any more; then it dies. A new cell is born which replaces the old, but it has the same identity of selflessness and complete giving such that its existence is only to give selflessly unto its exhaustion and death.

Our cells are bodhisattvas.

What if the intention of being a human being shares the same fundamental design, but we – in our collective youth on Earth – are confused and have mistaken identity? What if we being among the cells of Earth have not discovered or understood that selfless and giving is why we exist? The plant kingdom and mineral kingdom exemplify this. And how would our lives be different if we lived even a little more as do the cells in our body or the plant kingdom or the mineral kingdom?

I can only speak for myself:

  • a contemplation like this of the selfless constant giving of the cells of my body inspires me to do the same more and more
  • observing that beings of this planet which selflessly give are the more abundant, produce the ongoing beauty of the world, and support the totality of life without fail  report to me that if I want to be happy, there is direct co-measurement/co-relation to me being selfless and giving (Examples of abundance and beauty: cells in the body, diversity and abundance of plants, or variety and untold uncountable mineral manifestations such as grains of sand as one example.
  • Lastly, I observe that light and lightness of being go hand in hand with selflessness and generosity/giving. The plant kingdom lives on light, cells in our body are electro-magnetic beings of light, the mineral kingdom’s purest expressions of gems or gold, silver or crystals display light. And, the mineral content in things produces light (fire and pigment in flowers, leaves, or stone). In every direction, these are evidence that selflessness is the way to establish happiness and to feel light, give light, and to receive and nourished by light.

Over the years, sitting and being with others in a semi-counseling manner has been part of my life. I have sat with elders, young people, and every age in between. I have sat with people that were abused or abandoned, in a state of loss, confused or sorting out identity, or just trying to figure out what sanity is supposed to be. Young people who were self-injuring, alcoholics knowing that they were depleting the emotional and financial resources of the family but felt powerless to change, young people considering suicide, elders wondering about quality of life and possibly ending theirs. Then there is the spiritual seeker or the meditator who got hooked on the highs of inner experiences and developed aversion to the responsibilities of life. In all of these situations with all of these people feeling sad or confused or powerless, we would talk about giving, doing for others, and that -maybe just maybe- their confusion or depression or negation stemmed from forgetting about the others in the world (including animals and plants and Earth) due to focusing on one’s self. The temporary self-focus simply had become consuming; but it was now acting like a cancer. This was always a respectful conversation; and without exception, those who experimented with selflessness through giving in any form discovered happiness and lightness again. Was it immediate? No, not usually because of the individual’s skepticism. But, for youth, elders, men and women of all ages, did it lift the spirits and clarify the way of those who took on the challenge of giving? Yes; 100%.

Now, more than ever, my friends, we need one another to be selfless. Self-focus, self-importance, self-referencing, and being self-absorbed are antithetical to life itself. Life is whole, every component part functioning for and with the totality of all. The cells in our body display this amazing excellence of being.

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