Meditation: dimensions of the heart

In a sense, all the dimensions of Being essentialize as, with, and through the heart. Exploring the fullness of the heart is to explore the range of Being, through the attributes and qualities of the heart’s expression. But, let us be clear, the heart is not what colloquially is said of the heart.

Heart is universal. It embraces everything and everyone.

Heart is limitless. It never tires, is stopped by no boundary or border; its emanations pervade the dimensions of space.

Heart is true, always – timelessly – true. Truth of the heart is supreme wisdom, declarative and clear, non-deceptive and instructive.

The heart is the heart of Being, the heart of Awareness, the heart of livingness, the prime navigator of the interconnectedness of life. The latter is accomplished through empathy, vulnerability, openness, giving, patience, presence, kindness, and wisdom.

We meditate with the heart.

dimensions of the heart 062020

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