Meditation: contemplation

There are many ways to heal an ailment or prevent one, accomplish a task, or meditate. In all circumstances in life, one way is not the only way. Just watch children or creative people if that is questioned.

Contemplation is not one thing either, nor is it better to contemplate on thing rather than another. Musing, reflecting upon, letting a fullness of something arise in one’s mind are most effective when done during the events and circumstances of one’s day. Contemplate anything anytime. Doing so brings one here, focuses one in the present, and is a threshold to wakefulness. How so? Contemplation (in all its forms and derivations) is open rather than  reductive. Reflecting upon something begins with the specific something but is non-determinate after that. Contemplation might or might not inspire insight but it will open the mind and heart. The latter might be more significant in human taming and training. With the foundation of a truly open heart and mind, then insight has ground for integration.

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