Meditation: unity-alignment

The full moons, and Wesak in particular, have thoughtforms around them regarding alignment. Alignment is considered to be between Buddha, Christ, and the Lord of the World while an additional alignment of Humanity, Hierarchy, and Shamballa is also being effected. Within these is the alignment that each person makes within him/herself and then with each or all of these further and increasingly macrocosmic alignments.

Alignment itself is a training, thus all of these have great merit for many reasons including dimensional awareness or consideration plus the coordination of one’s body-speech-mind to the function of world service and collective alignment-empowerment. But a literal interpretation of the term “alignment” is limited by nature. Any unity is an alignment;  thus, all unions and unified states of being are alignments unto themselves.

If buddha is word trying to convey the inexpressible Awareness-Being that is, in essence, all beings, then to align with Buddha is to align with innate Awareness-Being. If Christ is a word implying the empathic resonating heart of each of every person, then to align with Christ is to call forward the radiant activity of loving-kindness, of standing with, and being able to “love one another as I have loved you.” If Shamballa is “the Center” of “pure Will”, isn’t that also any living being focused and intent upon a goal and willing to sacrifice all to accomplish it?

Literality is important when choosing seeds for a garden or teaching a child to read and write, when determining which natural supplement will service an aliment or lack in one’s physical constitution. But in meditation, literality limits the potential of the meditation as a direct result of the concepts or ideas that the meditator holds in one’s mind.

With this meditation, we open -through unity into alignment- with the principles of Wesak so as to realize that we are those principles, too.


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