Meditation: birthing

Just like the labor of birthing a child, no one knows how long our current world-wide situation will last. Like birthing a child, no one knows how things will look when all is complete. All everyone knows is that life is changing.

From the moment of the first contraction, or the dribble of water breaking, or the need to prepare “the nest” before both of these, we know that something important is happening, something that will change the life of everyone involved for the better. This is what’s happening for humanity. New birth, unfolding, a cycle of things coming apart so that we can come together. But like labor and transition, there are unknowns, insecurity, and concern; but there also is excitement and helping of one another, breathing together, and being open to the miracles of birth.

Feel your heart, everyone. Breathe that goodness every moment and into the world. Any woman that has birthed a child know that it is the most full and demanding experience that a human being can live. It is also the most over-the-top joyous in the end.

No matter what this process entails, new will result: our newness so that we can enter the foretold new age with a renewed sense of the family of humankind.

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