Meditation: already within

The tranquility that is sought and then established with a shamatha practice is already within you. That’s why and how it can be experienced and the mind stabilized within its harmony and expansive ease.

Insight is also already within you. Otherwise, how would it arise?

The meditations this week and maybe for a few weeks use the fact that that which is within is what is sought, but does so from a the angle of energy.

These meditation sittings have the practitioner use a mantra or short prayer after some measure of peaceful abiding is established. Then, the mantra is silently or quietly recited and put into the world. But, because the qualities of shamatha are innate and the attributes of energetic insight are also, then this meditation technique is actually one of non-doing.

Join in live or do the podcast and see what I mean. (Live is Tues/Thurs/Sat at 9 am ET/8CT/7MT. Click here or use the Meditation tab in the header of Blazing Light.)

If you are new to meditation or need more of a guided meditation, my colleague, Steve Kramer, is the man! He is at Spirit Fire. Meditations are posted three days a week from him, too.

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