Meditation: innate, immeasurable, inexhaustible presence

Tranquility, patience, joy or gladness, sense of harmony and wholeness, kindness, goodness, and understanding are all innate. Meditators around the world additionally  experience luminosity being already present, spaciousness of mind-Awareness as so, and with a little practice one experiences that thoughts are merely window dressing on the sky-like mind. All of these are free, within us right now, always have been and always will be. These aspects or qualities of innate being cannot be extinguished or adulterated anymore than the space in front of us can be colored or evacuated. But, as human beings, we tend to think of ourselves according to the costumes of gender and profession or nationality or affiliation together with the stage props of our lives, circumstances, and events rather than abiding in the presence of innate Presence.

Meditation provides so much to a person simply by it being an invitation to that which is innate: one’s essential nature. This is so now and has been forever and, due to its truth, people of all cultures through all of time have experienced the sublime and profound that is our ordinary, right-now present Awareness-Being, Compassion-Wisdom. The proof of that is not only our present experience – fleeting or lasting – but is witnessed by the names, poetry, songs and art forms that people have tried to articulate their experience through. Christic, Christed, innate Christ of the heart, Buddha, buddha nature, tathagathagarba, Sugata, and bodhi; Rumi’s poetry or others of the Sufi stream, the Native-Indigenous traditions of the world and how each has called and celebrated the innate that is also all around. These are only a few examples that are proof and evidence of that which is innate in everyone.

As 2020 begins, let us invite all of our brothers and sisters, mother and fathers into the embrace and light of innate presence. The world is in the wide variety of troubles that it is because of not living from this. Let’s meditatively and energetically invite a massive reorientation. Let’s all come home to innate being and hold others in our hearts and minds in the knowing that each person is this truth of being too.

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