Meditation: solstice light of the heart

Today, hopefully, millions of people will be meditating or celebrating the light of the Winter Solstice in some way. The Worldwide Minute of Silence is one, but groups and individuals everywhere will turn their face to the sun and their hearts to the well-being of others. They will think on Mother Earth and that the human-made problems foisted upon her can be rectified and solved – but only from the light of the heart and its wisdom mind.

Christ said, “You are the light of the world.” Buddha said, “Illumine your way,” then added later, that the bodhimind radiates within all beings. The wise live inseparably from this living light of wisdom.

The sun’s journey is our journey. The sun is constant in its being, radiance, and power. It is due to optics and seeming position that an illusion of the sun decreasing or increasing occurs. The sun does not increase or decrease. It is constant. The illusion of rising and setting sun is the illusion we live daily. We focus on the apparent rather than the truth. There is much to ponder in this.

The Path of Awakening is one of self-illumination that simultaneously “sees” the troubles of the world, the suffering of all kinds of beings, and realizes that self-illumination is coemergent with compassion and empathy. Action is required. Wisdom and compassion are the Path of Awakening.

Happy Solstice, everyone. May all beings awaken!

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